Skateboarding sensation Sky Brown wants to make an impact beyond the sport after its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020. The 11-year-old who has a British father and a Japanese mother and was born in Japan is hoping to represent Britain at the 2020 Olympics where skateboarding will feature for the first time. Fans who want to watch the live competition of Olympic Park Skateboarding can get Olympic Park Skateboarding Tickets online.

Brown joined the British skateboarding team in January and has been busily collecting qualification points reaching the Dew Tour semi-finals and finishing fifth at both the International Skateboarding Open in Nanjing and the X Games in Minneapolis.

11-year-old skateboarder looking beyond the Tokyo Olympics 2020
11-year-old skateboarder looking beyond the Tokyo Olympics 2020

If selected she will be the youngest Olympian to represent Britain. However, Brown currently ninth in the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings is hoping to inspire young girls that their age and gender should not be a barrier in any sport if she qualifies for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

She told Kyodo News. “I want to be someone who inspires girls hopefully if I get there they can see me doing this crazy trick and will think they can do it too. I would tell them just get out and don’t be afraid. Believe in yourself and just have fun.”

Brown, who started skating competitively age seven after going viral on Facebook still views the sport mostly as a hobby? 

She said. “I don’t feel like competing is everything I don’t care if I win or lose. I get out and have fun It would be amazing if I get into the Olympics but I don’t care.”

11-year-old skateboarder looking beyond the Tokyo Olympics 2020

Despite being 11 Brown is by no means the youngest skater in with a shot of Olympic qualification. Ten-year-old Kokona Hiraki from Japan became the youngest ever X Games medalist this summer with silver in Minneapolis and is currently ranked above Brown at number five in the world.

Brown said. “It felt pretty cool being the youngest now there are younger kids especially Japanese girls. You know Misugu She’s crazy she’s next level.”

Japanese skater Okamoto 13 has also picked up gold medals at the Dew Tour International Skateboarding Open and X Games.

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