Open water swimming looks truly stunning from the beach. On television, it is even better the sun glittering off the apparently blue waters of Copacabana beach with Sugarloaf Mountain and the rest of Rio spectacular scrubber-finger skyline behind.

Short of Pele arriving on a pedalo, every other recognizable Brazilian attraction was sparklingly present and correct. Sports enthusiasts from around the world can purchase Olympic Swimming Marathon Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

Aurelie Muller’s elimination mars Olympic swimming marathon

Actually, it was a crafty delusion. Out there, beneath the beautiful surface, is a sport that regardless of the water quality often turns dirty. There always seems to be at least one argumentative incident at every Olympics and, another ugly episode accordingly extended in the final stretch of the 10km slog around the world’s most attractive course.

Nothing was ever going to stop the inspiring Sharon van Rouwendaal from winning a convincing gold but, 16 seconds behind the 22 years old Dutchwoman, France’s Aurélie Muller and Italy’s Rachele Bruni found themselves in one of those death or glory flashes to the line familiar to anyone who has ever challenged one of their abrupt family to a winner takes all race in the holiday pool. Muller,

in her harassment, flooded the Italian to stop her touching the board first and was summarily disqualified, prompting Brazil’s fourth-placed Poliana Okimoto to be promoted to bronze, becoming her country’s first female swimming medalist.

Aurelie Muller’s elimination mars Olympic swimming marathon

Rachele Bruni felt justice had been done she pushed down my arm at the finish she obstructed me and I could not touch the board but Britain’s Keri‑Anne Payne, who was bounced up to seventh place, summed the situation up well afterward: To be disqualified in the last bit of the race, especially when you’ve won a medal, is heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine how the French girl is feeling.

Payne also acknowledged to a range of emotions having finished outside the medals for the second succeeding Games after claiming silver in Beijing in 2008. Although she was proud to have swum a competitive race in what is likely to be her final Games, she could also have done without the flawless weather and tranquil seas that welcomed the 26 competitors as they assembled apprehensively on the beach beforehand. I was hoping for rain and cold.

Aurelie Muller’s elimination mars Olympic swimming marathon

It was not an entirely frank procession. The girl from Ipanema was definitely never required to pull on her goggles and do four 2.5km laps of what was theoretically the most contaminated Olympic course in history. Never mind the green water at the diving pool, this was meant to be seriously risky; confidently it was only a matter of time before Payne bounced into a flooded sofa or something rather more decayed.

In the event, like so much surrounding marathon swimming, the truth was slightly more ordinary. Payne estimated the water was “totally fine” and said she had swum in much worse, not least off Jinshan City Beach in China a few years back, when there were dead dogs in the water. She did allow, though, it had been an unusually niggly race.

Aurelie Muller’s elimination mars Olympic swimming marathon

“I have never seen so many yellow cards as we went through the race and admitted she had missed a trick at the end of the third lap. Going around the sustains was absolute slaughter. I was looking around and thinking. It only takes a split second and that’s exactly what happened. I could see the Dutch girl in front to know I couldn’t really catch her up can be heartbreaking but for me it was a good incentive.”

The charming Payne has definitely been a fine ambassador for her sport, in addition to various business projects including helping people prepare for sporting challenges of their own, she is ardent to boost more people to take up open water swimming.

Aurelie Muller’s elimination mars Olympic swimming marathon

However, she could not quite believe this particular backdrop. “The most amazing thing for me was swimming along the back of the course looking to my left and seeing Corcovado with Christ arms spread-out. It was amazingly cool. It is hard to recall anyone buffing quite so lyrical as they scrambled out of the murky Serpentine four years ago.” Olympic fans can buy Olympic 2020 Tickets through our trusted online ticketing platform. is the most reliable source for booking tick