There are 128 qualifying places available for archery at the 2020 Olympic Summer Games: 64 for men and 64 for women. The qualification standards were discharged by World athletics in March 2018. Tickets for Olympic Archery fans can book summer Olympic Archery Tickets online.

Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) is allowable to enter most of six competitors, three per gender. NOCs that qualify groups for a selected gender is in a position to send a three-member team to the team event and even have every member contend within the individual event. There are 12 team sports for each gender, thus qualifying 36 individuals through team qualification. All other NOCs may earn a maximum of one quota place per gender for individual events.

Available Places for Archery at Olympic Summer Games 2020

Six places are reserved for Japan as the host nation, and a further four will be decided by the Tripartite Commission. The remaining 118 places are then allocated through a qualification process, in which archers earn quota places for their respective NOCs, though not necessarily for themselves.

There is no qualification method before the 2020 Games for the mixed team event. Instead, qualification for that event is done through the ranking rounds at the beginning of the Games. Each NOC that has qualified at least one man and one woman will have the scores of that NOC’s top-scoring man and top-scoring woman in the ranking round summed; the top 16 NOCs will qualify for the mixed team competition.

To be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games after the NOC has obtained a quota place, all archers must have achieved the following minimum qualification score (MQS):

  • Men: 70m round of 640
  • Women: 70m round of 605
Available Places for Archery at Olympic Summer Games 2020

Qualification occurs through a hierarchy of events rather than based on dates, so a NOC that earns qualification through an earlier low-priority event might vacate that quota spot if it later earns qualification in a higher-priority event (this particularly affects the Asian Games, held before the World Championships).

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