Basketball is everywhere.  Played all over the world on the biggest stages. Invented just over 120 years ago, basketball is a growing sport with, at its core, an estimated 450 million players and fans worldwide who compete, watch or follow a game they love and feel deeply passionate about.

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Men’s and Women’s Olympic Basketball Tournaments

Basketball competition
Basketball competition formats confirmed for the Tokyo Olympic 2020

Basketball Group Phase

In both tournaments, the 12 teams are divided into 3 groups (A, B and C) of 4 teams each. This stage of the competition is played in a round-robin format, with each team playing all other teams in its group (a total of 3 games for each team).

The teams placed first and second in each group and the 2 best third-placed teams in the Group Phase qualify for the Final Phase. The remaining 4 teams take no further part in the competition.

Basketball Final Phase

A draw will take place following the conclusion of the Group Phase to determine the pairings of the Quarter-Finals. The winners of the groups (3 teams) and the second-placed team with the best result (1 team) from the Group Phase are placed in one pot (D), while the 2 remaining second-placed teams and 2 best third-placed teams in another pot (E). Teams from the same group in the Group Phase cannot be drawn against each other in the Quarter-Finals. 

This stage of the competition is played in a knockout format and the draw will produce an Olympic bracket for the road to the gold medal.

To be crowned Olympic champion, a team has to play 6 games – 3 in the Group Phase and 3 in the Final Phase (Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Gold Medal Game), instead of 8 as in past tournaments.

Men’s and Women’s 3×3 Basketball Tournaments

Woman's Basketball competition
Woman’s Basketball at Tokyo Olympic 2020

Basketball Pool Phase

In both tournaments, the 8 teams are in one single pool and play all other teams over the course of 4 days (2 pool games per day on Days 1, 2 and 3 and last pool game on Day 4). Teams ranked seventh and eighth in the pool will take no further part in the competition.

Basketball Knockout Rounds

The teams placed first and second qualify directly for the Semi-Finals, while those that finish third, fourth, fifth and sixth meet in 2 qualifying Quarter-Finals at the end of Day 4. The Semi-Finals and Medal Games take place on Day 5.

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