The Bulut is 32-year-old Serbian, he is the best 3×3 basketball player in the world, is living out his dreams on a different stage. In last year’s FIBA World Cup final, he squared up against the United States’ Myke Henry. Olympic 3×3 basketball Fanatics can book Olympic 3×3 Basketball Tickets Online from our most economical online ticketing market place.

Dusan Bulut – World’s Best 3×3 Basketball Player is favorite to win gold in the 2020 Olympics

The 6-foot-3 Bulut froze the taller defender, pivoted off his left leg, and skied into the air. His long three splashed the net. Bulut and as well Serbia both were the champions of the world.

Dusan Domovic Bulut dreamed about hitting a game-winning shot in the NBA. The point guard would watch old games on well-worn VHS tapes, figuring out how to mimic the moves of Allen Iverson and Jay Williams. In his dreams, he’d add his own personal twist to Iverson’s crossover, tossing in a brief hesitation to make his defender stand up before driving past him or rising up for a game-winning

Although Americans’ basketball supremacy dates back to the age of the peach basket, Serbia’s win wasn’t an upset. Since 2012, when FIBA launched both it’s 3×3 World Cup and 3×3 World Tour, Bulut’s teams—the Serbian national team and his club team Novi Sad Al-Wahda—have won a mutual five titles and collective a 77–15 record in the world tour.

Bulut has spent much of 2017 as FIBA’s top-ranked three-on-three player, an algorithmic honor that measures points scored as well as game results. Although he dropped to the fourth spot in the rankings after suffering an ankle injury, he remains the best offensive player in FIBA three-on-three.

As adept at shooting threes as he is attacking off the dribble, Bulut’s strength and size enable him to bully past defenders and get to the rim. Opponents can’t afford to help and double Bulut. His Serbian team boasts complex three-point marksmen Marko Zdero and Dejan Majstorovic no. 1 ranking in the FIBA as well as Marko Savic no. 2, a brawny do-it-all 6-foot-5 forward who’s is like as the Serbian Draymond Green.

World Best 3×3 Basketball Player

There are Five things about Dusan Domovic Bulut you didn’t know

1. Troublemaker as a kid

“I was a real troublemaker when I was a kid, but a beautiful baby, the youngest in the family and amongst friends, a nice boy to a lot of people, so I mostly went unpunished.”

2. Good at playing UNO 

3. He is Killing in 3×3, but he is not good at all other sports.

“I am really bad at playing video games, but I am even worse in any other sport. “

4. He has style even when cops are throwing him out of the court

“My favorite 2-point shot, besides the one I scored against the USA, is over the cop while they were throwing us out of the court. The best part, he fell on my pump fake when he tried to take the ball from me.”

5. Leadership obligations

“I am constantly listening to Maestro whining about how he would like to tattoo a whole sleeve, but he has no balls to do it. And Zdero who wants to do plastic surgery of his ears and shave his head, but he doesn’t have the balls either.”

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