Egypt eligible two places one man and one woman to the Tokyo Olympic 2020. Chad Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, and Tunisia have capable shares for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Archery fans can book their Olympic Archery Tickets at economical prices from our reliable online ticketing place.

The result also precious the sharing of individual part places. Cote d’Ivoire and Tunisia had already taken the two existing women’s spots by tapping archers into the final. Esme Anne-Marcelle Demo of Cote d’Ivoire won recurve women’s gold in Rabat. She defeated Rehab Ewald 7-1.

Olympics Archery
Egyptian mixed team victory in Rabat Succeeds Chad for TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020

The men’s quota position was less steady. Tunisia’s Mohamed Hammed fit a space by making the final against Egyptian archer Sherif Mohamed. Sherif, the third stone, ended up taking recurve men’s gold in a shoot-off, nine to eight.

Tolba said “I told I could shoot a 10. I told I could fire a good shot. The moment I went into a journalist, I felt completely comfortable. I’m very happy. I felt the pressure. I’m happy the last end went well. I the confidence we can make for Tokyo and let’s see what we can do there the position was perfect. I knew the shot was going good. So, I just meant in the 10, extended and issue. It went in the nine. It was good sufficient!”

With Egypt now capable through the mixed team competition, the men’s place that would have gone to the winner is changed down to the highest-finishing athlete from a non-qualified country. That was Chad’s Israel Madaye, after he ended fourth, lost the bronze medal match to Tolba.

Olympic Archery
Egyptian mixed team victory in Rabat Succeeds Chad for TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020

The team from Chad was delighted. Egypt also took gold medals in the recurve men‘s team and recurve women’s team races at these first African Games to judgment an archery event. Both Chad and Tunisia are set to make their Olympic archery starts next summer. Egypt has contested in the archery races at every Olympic Games since 2000.

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