To reach the highest levels players must master these four aspects, be able to utilize them in play and have the capability of switching from one to the other. They must have the aptitude to syndicate these rudiments in their game when rival. If players are weak in one or more of these areas, they are unlikely to achieve real success in our sport.

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Elements Which Will help to win Olympic 2020 Table Tennis

Of the four elements, power and spin assume more importance in the men’s game and speed and placement more in the women. Men use topspin more than women and it is necessary in order to create a strong spin on a fast shot to hit the ball hard.

The harder you can hit the ball with a closed racket, the more topspin you will produce. Women don’t knock out the ball as firm as men do, so they attain less spin and have a less on-the-table switch. It is speed and control of speed which is rather more important with women’s play.

The aptitude to ring numerous balls in a row is not a prime obligation. Instead, timing is vital as women drive much more – the timing window in drive play is extremely narrow, between ‘peak’ and 1 – 2 centimeters before. Distance also shoulders much more rank with women’s play, as does the placement.

In the men’s game control with strong momentum means that the ball fast-tracks after lively and leaves the opponents of the table with a much compliment trajectory.

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