The building of the equestrian venue for the Summer Olympic 2020 and Paralympic Sports is due to begin later this year, it has been confirmed.

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Bureau established an update on growth from Catrin Norinder, the FEI’s director of Eventing and Olympic, during a two-day meeting in Lausanne. Olympic Dressage fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Dressage tickets online.

Work on the venue, which will be based at Baji Koen, is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2019 with test events set to take place that same year.

FEI approve construction of Olympic Dressage spot due to start this year

The FEI speaks the process for appointing a footing consultant is ongoing and the assortment will be finalized next month.

The International Olympic Committee’s presiding Executive Board putative a suggestion from Japanese officials in March 2015 that the main equestrian site would change to be at Baji Koen. 

Baji Koen, the Japan Racing Authority-owned facility, hosted equestrian events during the 1964 Olympics, the last time the Games were staged in the Japanese capital.

It will host the Olympic dressage and jumping punishments, as well as the eventing dressage and jumping stages.

The eventing cross-country stage will be held at Sea Forest, also known as Umi no Mori, in Tokyo Bay.

Below the original tactics succumbed by Tokyo 2020, the main equestrian place was to have been at Dream Island on Tokyo Bay.

FEI officials have previously claimed that the switch to Baji Koen puts equestrian sport right back in the center of the Olympic cluster and that the use of an existing ability is also in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020 references on both costs and sustainability.

The additional notable statement made by the FEI Bureau was the distribution of host cities for 15 major equestrian actions over the next four years.

A total of seven contests and finals for young jumping, dressage and vaulting athletes will be staged in Asia, Europe, and South America.  Amongst the events awarded is the 2017 FEI Children’s International Landmarks Final, which is scheduled to take place in China’s capital Beijing from December 28 to January 1.

FEI approve construction of Olympic Dressage spot due to start this year

“Ended the next four years equestrian fans will see the top international equestrian game played out in some of the world’s main cities, and the allocation of the FEI Children’s International Classics Final will do a tremendous amount to promote the sport in China,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said.

With 540 days to go to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, maximizing chances for our young athletes to compete internationally is key for the growth and growth of the equestrian sport.

“Our youth are the future of our sport and we want them to be showcased on a global stage.”

Also owed was the 2020 FEI World Fortitude Championships, which will be staged in San Rescore in Italy from September 3 to 6, and four World Breeding Championships.

The 2019 World Breeding Dressage Championship is due to be held in Dutch town Ermelo from August 1 to 4, while the 2020 edition is scheduled to take place in German town Verden from August 5 to 9.

Le Lion d’Angers in France has been given both the 2019 and 2020 editions of the World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses, with the dates yet to be confirmed.

“We have nearly 4,500 equestrian events taking place every year across the world in eight disciplines, and we intend to capitalize by engaging our young audiences and our loyal fans through digital media platforms as we continue this growth,” De Vos added.

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