Just as is the case with qualification for national competitions like U.S. Fencing Summer Nationals, qualification for the Olympics is all about the points. For anyone reading this who might be unfamiliar, fencers earn points by competing and placing in competitions.

That placement then translates to an international rank by weapon and gender that correlates to each of the Olympic fencing sports that are available. Olympic Fencing fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Fencing tickets online.

How to Qualify for the Olympics Fencing 2020

The primary thing that will be based on is the FIE Official Ranking as of April 4, 2020. There are other spots available through the four zonal qualifying tournaments as well.

Qualification is the same no matter what weapon a fencer is participating in based on FIE Official Ranking, both for teams and individuals. Whenever we say “points”, we are meaning points that a fencing team or individual acquires via the FIE international scoring system through qualifying competitions according to the rules and then ranked from highest to lowest based on a number of qualifying points.

There are many of these competitions all over the world throughout the course of the year, including Grand Prix and World Championships as well as others, which you’ll find listed specifically below. This qualification period starts on April 3, 2019, and ends on April 4, 2020.

Here’s how the qualification breaks down for the team vs. the individual events. We are going to give a highlight of the qualification and then explain it in detail.

If a country’s team does not qualify via the team qualification, this country cannot send more than one qualified fencer! So while a country which has a qualified team sends three fencers to the Olympics, a country without a team can have no more than one fencer, with the exception of the host country of course.

How to Qualify for the Olympics Fencing 2020

The host country has an additional eight potential spots per gender. They will use these spots in those disciplines where they did not qualify via the standard qualification process. Let’s see how this might affect the numbers for some of the events.

Let’s assume (only for the sake of example!) that the Japanese do not succeed to qualify their women’s sabre neither as a team nor as individuals. So they might decide to put three fencers as a women’s sabre team and individually. This means that Women’s Sabre events will be 34+3=37 fencers competing individually and 8+1=9 teams in the team event.

In addition to the main team members, each qualifying team is also eligible to have 1 alternate fencer, who might compete only in a team event.

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