The Royal Dutch Cycling Federation, bike manufacturer KOGA and TU Delft unveiled the new track bike. The bike is predicted to contribute to achieving good results at the Olympic 2020 Games to be held in Tokyo next year. It has been designed to deliver an optimum combination of lightweight and aerodynamics as well as correspond to the individual characteristics of the cyclist and his or her particular discipline.

The bike is likely to produce a benefit of 0.5 seconds during the team sprint event. Olympic Track Cycling Tickets are available on economical prices from our most reliable ticketing platform online.

Inauguration of new track bike for 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

KOGA had already industrialized a distinct bike, the Kimera, for Theo Bos for the Beijing Olympic Games. This time around, in Tokyo, new track bikes will be considered and established for the entire Olympic cycling team, specifically personalized to each separate cyclist. The cyclists in the national team selection and their training staff played an active role in the development of the new bike.

aerodynamicists have devised new methods of further reducing drag. Together with Actiflow, wind tunnel tests were carried out in the wind tunnels at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft to optimize the aerodynamics.

A number of cyclists indicated that they had trouble during peak times keeping control of the old bike. This was not due to the frame, because that was rigid enough. It all had to do with the steering mechanism. To a large extent, this is what determines the bike’s handling qualities.

Each Olympic 2020 cyclist will receive a custom-made KOGA track bike. The frame and handlebars have been adapted to the individual cyclist’s length and posture, ensuring the stability of the bike. This is important because sprinters, in particular, exert unprecedented forces on the bike at peak times at the start or in full sprint.

Inauguration of new track bike for 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

The task for us as designers was to build a bike that fits around the individual cyclist so that he or she can exert maximum force. This meant a completely opposite approach. The bike is not manufactured autonomous of the cyclist who will drive it.  The manufacturer has looked at each individual and then built the bike specifically around them.

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