Kerri Walsh Jennings be eligible for Tokyo Olympic beach volleyball questions linger among the break

The competition for beach volleyball ads was between the most convincing across U.S. Tokyo Olympic qualifying.

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Kerri Walsh Jennings, the three-time gold medalist, and new partner Brooke Sweat detained a little lead for the second and final women’s berth. Three men’s teams, containing Olympic 2008 gold medalist Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucina, were strongly battling for two spots.

It shaped up to be a pivotal spring. Now, uncertainty. Not only when will the tournaments resume, but also how will the Tokyo Olympic qualification process be amended. Under the original rankings system, a team counted its top 12 ends in tournaments from Sept. 1, 2018, to June 14, 2020. Nearly all of the top teams reached the 12-tournament minimum, meaning they were competing in 2020 to improve on their lowest results.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has not announced what changes will be made now that the Olympic is postponed until 2021. Obstacles are plenty once a sports resume, starting with rescheduling tournaments and/or determining a 2021 schedule.

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Wong said is it going to be fewer events to qualify, or is it going to be more events to qualify NBC analyst Kevin. There’s still a lot of question marks about that. Wong believes that Walsh Jennings might gain the most from the extra year. Even though, at 41, she is older than any previous beach volleyball player.

Wong said. “In general, the delay helps the more mature athletes, the older athletes, and it hurts the younger athletes. Older athletes, they know their bodies better. They have played more. There’s more power memory there and more in the data sets. So, they are going to be talented to improve.”

April Ross and Alix Kline man, the 2019 World silver medalists, had a nearly insurmountable cushion for the first of two U.S. Tokyo Olympic spots when sports were halted. Walsh Jennings and Sweat were in second place, 320 points fast of Kelly Claus and Sarah Spunkily. Class, 24, and spoil, 23, are closer in age to Walsh Jennings’ three children than the tale herself.

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