The mixed team event will make its debut at the Olympic Games in 2020. Top two seeded Kim Woojin and Jeon Ina defeated Russia’s Artem Makhnenko and Ksenia Peruvian in straight sets in the recurve team final in the Ready Steady Tokyo Test event for the 2020 Olympic Games.

“He is a great leader and it is good for me to be in a team with him. I gave a lot in the competition,” said Jeon.

Jeon added that, winning in the next year will be a lot harder but I think Korea is the best. Sports enthusiasts from around the world can purchase Olympic Archery Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.


Woojin and Ina have never given up a point in their four games. In the final, the Korean duo lost only three points on 12 arrows, one point in each of the three sets. And only once during the day, did they shoot a set that scored less than 38 points.

The mixed team competition will make its debut on the Olympic program in Tokyo 2020. It will bring to five the total number of gold medals available in archery competitions.

Many teams may have one elite athlete of each gender. The first mixed Olympic team competition should, therefore, be very competitive. But if the Korean representatives at the Games shoot like this pair, they will be hard to beat.

“I think I have gained a lot of experience in this test event in preparation for the Olympics in Tokyo next year,” said Woojin.

A lot of things will change here but the environmental factors will not change. That’s why I’m here to practice and if I’m able to participate next year, this experience will not be lost. It will be a big help.


Colombia defeated Chinese Taipei in the mixed team bronze medal game. Daniel Pineda and Ana Maria Rendon scored 38, 38 and 39 points to beat Tan Ya-Ting and Kao Hao-Wen.

The conditions during this test event remain relatively cold and a little wet. The rain is not strong but it is almost constant. It’s unlikely to be the same as the Games in 2020. The Olympics take place a few weeks later in the year when the heat of the Japanese summer is expected to arrive.

The Ready Steady Tokyo test will be held July 11-18, 2019 at the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

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