Lithuania’s Olympic gold medalist won the UIPM World Cup Final as organizers hailed a successful first test event of 2019 ahead of next year’s Games. Olympic Modern Pentathlon followers from all over the world can buy Olympic Modern Pentathlon tickets online.

Laura won the UIPM Pentathlon World Cup Final on Friday to secure a return to Tokyo 2020 Olympic for next year’s Olympic Games. The gold medalist from London 2012 ended the closing Laser-Run 11 seconds clear of Elodie to take win inside AGF Field which adjoins Musashino Forest Sports Plaza.

Rio 2016 silver medalist Clouvel had a three-second top over fellow French woman Marie after the Riding section with Asadauskaite nine seconds further drifting. But 35-year-old Asadauskaite presented her symbol strength on the run which, similar to some pinpoint shooting, saw her right a third World Cup Final triumph.

“Today is a very happy day. See you next year when I come back… l like this city very much. I think I am ready for the Olympic Games. Currently, I am ready.” – Laura after winning the UIPM Pentathlon World Cup Final in Tokyo

UIPM seal of approval

It was also a happy day for the UIPM and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee with this the first of 21 test events in 2019 ahead of next year’s Games. UIPM President Dr. Klaus Schormann was pleased with the rivalry and the location.

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He said, “We have not ever seen such close care to the substructure and what is needed for the Sports. We can already say that next year we are going to have the perfect Olympic 2020 Games.” – UIPM President Dr. Klaus Schormann.

Yasuo Mori of the Games Operations Bureau said It has been a year-long process but the full testing period has finally begun.

“This was the first international modern pentathlon competition staged in Japan since the 1964 Olympics so it was not short of its challenges. But it has got off to a very good start. Up until now, each functional area had done its own preparation and we needed to see if they could all come together at this event.”

Organization and integration are things we have not actually had a chance to test until now. – Yasuo Mori of the Sports Operations Bureau Runner-up Clouvel just unsuccessful to book her spot at next year’s Olympic 2020 Games, but she enjoyed the experience.

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She said, “The association has been very good and the complex is astonishing, and I am confident about coming back to Tokyo for the Olympic 2020 Games.”

Many of the athletes had to use bags of ice to keep cool with Schleu calling the conditions “difficult”.

The German, who was fourth in Rio 2016, added “It’s not the heat, it’s the moisture. We were sweating all the way through the Riding and the Laser-Run.”

The event showed a useful test for competitors and organizers alike with Mori saying 170 staff from the Organizing Committee took part on Friday with 70 more temporaries as observers.

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He said, “I’m sure there will be lessons erudite and new challenges will come out of this event but we use them to make us even better going forward.”

After the men’s rivalry and the mixed side relay this weekend, the next test event in weightlifting’s Japan-China-Korea Friendship Tournament at the Olympic 2020 International Forum on the 6th and 7th of July.

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