Local BMX Club riders fought at the Ontario BMX Provincial Championship Final in Milton on   31 August returned home with many personal events including first-place finishes. BMX racing fans can book their Olympic BMX Racing Tickets at economical prices from our reliable online ticketing place.

Cornwall Track Director and Coach TJ Shail in a press release said: “I am really proud of how well all of our riders did this year. If you consider that this is only our second season it’s beautifully incredible that we have got all these riders. Who will be racing with championship plates next season?”

Athletes competed against riders of similar age and skill level at many races throughout Ontario this summer to try and earn points towards a top ranking at the end of the season.

“One of the unique sides of this year’s series was that all of the tracks in Ontario came together to provide a cool way for the riders to show off their achievements and inspire them to participate at multiple events.”

Cornwall BMX Club President Dan Drouin said:

“The riders who made it to the main events at the various tracks got trophies that could be fixed on top of each other. Some of our riders competed at all of the races in the series and ended up with a tradition trophy over three feet tall. They are pretty sweet I wish I had one”. 

“The Cornwall BMX Club is a non-profit company run by helpers who are dedicated to providing children of all ages with an alternative sport which is exciting for the whole family and inspires physical fitness, competition, and justice. The Club runs a BMX Canada official racing track in Guindon Park”. 

With clearing weather, local BMX Racing stays at the Cornwall BMX Track in Guindon Park on Saturday afternoon until mid-October with registration from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Spectators and first-time riders are welcome. 

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