Canoe Slalom Centre which will be used at next year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been officially initiated. Built by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the venue is the first of its kind for the sport in Japan. It is one of eight new venues being built from scratch for the Tokyo 2020 Games, with five of these now finished. Olympic Canoe followers from all over the world can buy Olympics Canoe tickets online.

Organizers claim this shows preparations for the Games are “on track” with the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, the Yumenoshima Park Archery Field, the Sea Forest Waterway, and the Oi Hockey Stadium also already complete.

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Olympic 2020 inaugurate newly-built Olympic canoe slalom venue

That leaves the Olympic Stadium, the Tokyo Aquatics Centre and the Ariake Arena as the three remaining new venues which are still under construction. The Stadium is said to be 90 percent ready and is planned to be finished in November, with the Aquatics Centre rated at 75 percent complete before a proposed February opening.

The Ariake Arena, which will host volleyball and wheelchair basketball, is planned to be open by December and is said to be 83 percent ready.

International Canoe Federation President Jose Perurena welcomed the completion of the slalom course which is 200 meters long and also features a warm-up area and finishing pool. Temporary seating will house up to 7,500 fans although an administrative building does still need to be completed.

“It has been very impressive watching the development of the Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre, and now we see a world-class venue which will host the planet’s best paddlers at next year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics,” said Perurena.

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Olympic 2020 inaugurate newly-built Olympic canoe slalom venue

It is not just the slalom course which is incredible. The effort that has been made to ensure the best possible experience for spectators and media is also second-to-none, which will guarantee memorable Games for all involved.

On behalf of the International Canoe Federation, I congratulate all who have been part of the development of this fantastic venue. I know I speak on behalf of the entire canoeing community when I say we can’t wait to showcase our game at the Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre. 

“It is sure to be one of our greatest Olympic venues ever.”

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike attended an Opening Ceremony to inaugurate the course before athletes including Japan’s Rio 2016 bronze medalist Takuya Haneda took to the water for demonstrations. Several of the gates are positioned upstream, requiring a change of direction and considerable strength and skill to paddle against the current.

“I feel honored to be the first athlete to test the course,” said Haneda,

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“It is also remarkable that the course is easily accessible from the center of Tokyo. I believe this is the world’s best course and I will try my best to qualify and compete at next year’s Olympic Games.” 

The course will be used for international and national events following the Olympics and will also be open to the public. 

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