The Athletics competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held during the last ten days of the Olympic sports, from 31 July to 9 August 2020, at the Olympic Stadium. The sport of athletics in the 2020 Summer Olympics is to be divided into three different sets of events 1st one track 2nd one field events and 3rd one is road running events, and also racewalking events. In this summer a total of 48 events will be held, one more than in 2016, with the addition of a mixed relay event. Qualifying for these athletics at the 2020 Summer Olympics, the following qualification systems are in place. The qualification will end on 29 June 2020. Olympic athletics Fans from all over the world can book summer Olympic Athletics Marathon Tickets online from our trusted online ticketing market platform.

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Eligibility Standards

NOC a National Olympic Committee may enter up to 3 competent athletes in each individual event if all athletes meet the entry standard during the qualifying period. The NOC may also enter a maximum of 1 qualified relay team per event. Under the universality rule, NOCs may enter athletes regardless of time if they have no athletes meeting the entry standard. That can make it possible for every nation to have a minimum of two representatives in this sport.

The qualifying system for Tokyo 2020 saws fundamental changes from the previous Olympics. While the qualification from Rio 2016 and other previous editions relied on qualifying times, Tokyo 2020 is primarily based on the world ranking. The International Association of Athletics Federations continues to set qualifying times, but these are “set for the sole purpose of qualifying athletes with exceptional performances unable to qualify through the International Association of Athletics Federations World Rankings pathway.

“The number of applicants per event is capped, with different caps for different events varying from 24 athletes for the combined events to 80 athletes for the marathons. “

The International Association of Athletics Federations world rankings is based on the average of the best five results for the athlete over the qualifying period. The results are weighted by the importance of the meet.

The qualifying time standards may be obtained in various meets during the given period approved by IAAF. The qualifying period for the marathon and the 50km race walk occurs from 1 January 2019 to 31 May 2020 and the qualifying for the 10,000 m, 20km race walk and combined events occurs from 1 January 2019 to 29 June 2020, with the rest of the track and field events happening from 1 May 2019 to 29 June 2020. The most recent Area Championships may be counted in the ranking, even if not during the qualifying period.

For the relays, a maximum of sixteen qualified NOCs shall be entitled to each event. The top eight teams in each event at the 2019 World Championships in Athletics guarantee a spot on their respective NOCs for the Olympics. The remaining half in each event are selected according to IAAF World Ranking List as of 29 June 2020 based on the aggregate of the 2 fastest times achieved by NOCs during the given period.

NOCs with more than three qualified athletes in an individual event may select, using their own rules, For example, the US selects athletes based on the result of the 2020 United States Olympic Trials event, but has a policy of entering every athlete so qualified. Sweden only enters athletes good enough to reach at least the eighth position, based on an assessment by the Swedish National Olympic Committee.

Athletes must have been born before 1 January 2005 (that, be at least 16 years old at the end of 2020) to compete. Youth athletes cannot compete in the throwing events, youth athletes born in 2003 or 2004, age 16 or 17 at the end of 2020, combined events, marathons, race walks, or 10,000-meter events. Junior athletes cannot compete in the marathons or the 50-kilometer race walk, Junior athletes born in 2001 or 2002, age 18 or 19 at the end of 2020.

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