Cheers and chants of “USA” sounded across the Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum as the men’s and women’s handball USA sides reigned victorious over the Canadian National Teams. Christian Latulippe, head coach of the women’s USA Side Handball, said the matches were important as the team reaches toward its Olympic 2020 goals. Olympic Handball Followers from all over the world can book Olympic Handball tickets online.

“It’s such an influential and exciting game, and it was really fun to feel the intensity of what was happening on the court.”

Mutually handball matches took place in the coliseum on Sunday, at 3 p.m. for the women’s and 5 p.m. for the men’s. The women’s side won against Canada with a score of 22-20, and the men’s side was also successful with a score of 36-24. 

Olympic 2020 – U.S. handball teams defeat Canada in Pan-American Qualifiers

On the women’s USA Side Handball, Nicole Andersen led the way with eight goals, while Kathy Darling and Jensen Rhoads followed up with four goals each. 

By way of for the USA Men’s Side, Aboubakar Fofana led the side with nine goals. Ty Reed scored eight goals and Gary Hines with seven. 

Fofana, who was the receiver of the MVP Award for the men’s game, labeled the audience as invigorating for him.

“This is the first time in seven years that I have frolicked in the U.S.,” Fofana said. “Seeing all of the excited and active people in the crowd gave us the energy and sureness we needed to do our best.” 

 “We’re playing for the Pan-American Sports, which is the first leg for the Olympics 2020,” Latulippe said. “Now we need to finish the job in Canada, which will require a lot of sacrifices and good execution, but I think that we can get it done.”   

Mutually the men’s and women’s USA handball sides will face off beside Canada once more in Montreal, Canada, Wednesday, to control which nation will loan to the Pan-American Sports. 

The winner of the series will be the North American representative of the 2019 Pan-American Games in Lima, Peru, where the victor will qualify for the Olympic 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan. 

Auburn inhabitants of all ages met to watch the national sides square off against each other to express their provision for the national sides. Ashley Van Ryn, a USA Side Handball supporter labeled the event with respect. 

“This was unbelievable to watch,” Van Ryn said, robed in red, white and blue. “It’s such a powerful and exciting game, and it was really fun to feel the strength of what was trendy on the court.”

The Auburn Opelika Handball Club, an organization advanced earlier this year to stand-in physical health among basic and middle school children, seemed on the court during the halftime eras to play a short game of handball to showcase to the crowd.

Kristin Roberts, manager of outreach packages at Auburn University, supposed attendees could donate dissimilar foods in its place of paying an admission fee for the sports. 

Olympic 2020 – U.S. handball teams defeat Canada in Pan-American Qualifiers

“We touched out to the East Alabama Food Bank, so rather than accusing admission, we’re just tolerant non-perishable food matters as donations to give back to the public,” Roberts said.

USA Side Handball also sold T-shirts as a part of their fundraising program. The earnings from the T-shirt sales will go to the men’s and women’s USA Side Handball’s food, lodging and travel costs as the sides compete, Roberts said.

The School of Kinesiology in Auburn’s College of Education has been joined with the men’s and women’s USA Side Handball for about five years. The school arranges misgivings and amenities, endorses the sides’ events and ropes the athletes however they can. 

“We had great care from the School of Kinesiology at Auburn University,” Latulippe supposed. “Anytime we can come here and have an authorized match in front of a few hundred people is always good. A lot of our incentives come from all the hard work our players put in for the past two years. Now we just need to finish it.”

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