Michelle Kroppen finished fourth in the women’s classic race at the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Championships in S-Hertogenbosch, where the German women’s classic team also won a full quota for Tokyo 2020. Sports enthusiasts from around the world can purchase Olympic Archery Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

The 23year-old reached international heights until 2016. She advanced to the senior level in 2017 when European Games champion Karina Winter retired.

Kroppen joined an established group of archers Lisa Unruh and Elena Richter, who won the world championships. All Germany needed to be was a reliable third archer to complete the team.

Kroppen Olympic Archery 2020

“I wanted to try to be as good as them. That meant checking my technique and doing lots of video analysis. For a long time, I thought I needed to have a technique like Lisa or any other good archer. I was looking at so many finals and trying to do it like them,” she said.

But last year, I decided that I had to find my own hardware, my own bow configuration, my technique, whatever would be best for me.

At the next event on the international circuit in Salt Lake City, Michelle had her first individual success. She qualified for the final and finished second to Deepika Kumari.

This German women’s team is one of three people, three talented and decorated international archers, and one that is surprisingly balanced. Kroppen, although the new member of the team, is performing at the same level as Elena and Olympic silver medalist Lisa.

Elena Olympic Archery 2020
Elena Olympic Archery 2020

“Elena is a very good first archer, she does one shot and then tells us what we should do and where to aim, and that gives me a lot of confidence for what I have to do,” said Michelle, who sits second in the German rotation during finals.

Lisa is stronger mentally, so if we need a 10 to win, she will get the 10. I think that makes us so good. In fact, it is Kroppen who best did the Germans individually at the world championships. That allowed him to rise to 11th place in the world rankings, just three places Lisa.

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