Olympic Athletics Marathon and race walks at Tokyo Olympic rescheduled later late change to Sapporo

Race walks and the women’s marathon at next year’s Tokyo Olympic in Tokyo have been rescheduled, after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) progressed the events from the Japanese capital to Sapporo.

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Tokyo Olympic established Odori Park as the venue for the race walks and marathon at the Games following support from the IOC Executive Board at its meeting here today.

Events in the two punishments will be held across four successive days, from August 6 to 9, to “ease the support of National Tokyo Olympic Committee bureaucrats and trainers to the athletes” owing to the 800 kilometers space from Tokyo to Sapporo.

The men’s marathon will continue on August 9, notwithstanding pressure from Tokyo 2020 to move the race for logistical aims following the controversial late change of the events to Sapporo, which astonished the Organizing Committee. The women’s race was originally scheduled for August 2 but has been pushed back six days to August 8. Both events will start at 7 am, organizers have recognized.

The men’s 20km race walk will take place on August 6 in its place of July 31, while the men’s 50km race walk has been brought onward a day from August 8 to 7. The women’s 20km race will be theatrical on August 7 as planned but will begin at 4:30 pm somewhat than 6 am.

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Tokyo Olympic, the IOC, and World Athletics have also agreed on a 20km ring course for the first phase of the marathon, with the second half yet to be long-established. Organizers said they would last talks with World Athletics on the second part of the course, which is predictable to be approved in the central of this month.

World Athletics is considering three loops of 7km for the second half of the sequence, in which the IOC self-assurance will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Tokyo Olympic and World Athletics will also behavior a site review before settling the second part.

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