Japanese badminton star Kento Momota speaks his goals to win gold at the Tokyo Olympic Games. He held his first newscast conference following a car chance in Malaysia. Momota hurt wide discoloration all over his body when a car loud him and others rear-finished a truck while title to Kuala Lumpur’s international airport in January.

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He experienced surgery in Japan for a fractured right eye hole after he protested of double dreams and other malfunctions. He returned to practice last week. Momota told journalists in Tokyo on Friday that he felt very disheartened when he could not move after the coincidence and when he clear to have the surgery. But he said many people offered words of comfort and support, which helped to inspire him.

Momota said he is silent, not gifted to take part in matches, but he can now hit precise shots in court recurrence. He said no choice has been made about when he will return to contests. But Momota said he wants to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics to thank the people who offered compassion and help.

This week the Vietnam International Challenge, which also approved rankings points for the Olympic 2020, was moved from late March to initial June. The loss of following contests will posture a problem for many players, counting two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan, who wants a quick rise in the rankings to win a home-based on the Chinese team.

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Many players are now in England and¬†have been cleared to play¬†through what is a “critical period” of Olympic 2020 qualifying, the Chinese Badminton Association said the last break. China has been the leading power in badminton at the new Olympic 2020, far-reaching all five titles in London 2012 and winning the men’s singles and doubles gold medals four years beforehand in Rio.

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