Olympic Baseball which is run by the World Softball Baseball Confederation (WBSC) will be presented at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo for the first time since the 2008 Summer Olympics. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Baseball Tickets online.

The tournament will include six teams. Baseball / Softball is one of only five sports added to the 2020 Summer Olympics program with no guarantee of return in 2024.

The small number of teams in the tournament resulted in an unusual competition format that will feature 16 games. There will be a preliminary round of the opening group and modified support for the double elimination.

Olympic Baseball at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic Baseball

For the group round there will be 2 pools of 3 teams each. Each team will face the other two teams once. In total six games will be played in the group round.

The host nation of baseball was always certain a place in the Olympic baseball tournament. The other 7 places were generally strong-minded by continental qualifying tournaments. For the 2008 Games the Americas received two places Europe received one place and Asia received one place.

The tournament contained of a round-robin initial round in which each team played all 7 of the other teams. Only the top four teams advanced to the medals round. In that round semifinals were played between the 1st/4th place teams and the 2nd/3rd place teams.

The semifinal losers then played a bronze medal game with the winner earning the medal and the loser receiving 4th place. The semifinal winners played in the final which awarded the winner a gold medal and the loser a silver medal.

Olympic Baseball

In the round of 16 the first three games will be composed of teams having each finished at the same position in their group A1 against B1, A2 against B2, A3 against B3. The loser of the game A3 vs B3 is eliminated with only one defeat.

Otherwise the game continues in double elimination format until only one team remains in each of the winning and losing media these two teams play in the gold medal match one game the loser’s representative does not need to beat the winning slice rep twice. The last two teams eliminated from the losers group play in the bronze medal game. In total ten games are played in the round of 16.

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