Olympic Basketball: USA Baseball put Qualifying offer on hold after Tokyo Olympic

After a 12-year Olympic pause, baseball will have to delay another year for a reappearance to the worldwide stage. The IOC announced March 24 that it would the Tokyo Olympic to next year amid COVID-19 anxieties. This decision puts USA Baseball’s confidences for recapturing Olympic magnificence on hold till the qualifiers recommence.

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Team USA failed to save an automatic bid after a 4th-place end at the November 2019 Premier12 tournament in Japan. They were arranged for another accidental in March at the WBSC Americas Tokyo Olympic Qualifier in Arizona; however. USA Baseball’s executive director and CEO Paul Seiler saw the as a precursor to an unavoidable IOC shutdown.

“That was a type of the first domino that kind of chop for us in terms of the news we got today on the Tokyo Olympic being postponed for another year,” Seiler said Through telephone.

The delay will certainly affect the team’s arrangement, as only non-40-man roster players are eligible. The extra year will thrust some players onto their parent club’s 40-man list; however, it could also express Team USA’s veterans.

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For some who may have been on the back end of their careers or presentation, this delay over here could be impactful to their chance to be in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Right now, the entrance was open, the gap was open, but by pushing it back a year, it may close on some people. It is hard, and it is going to be hard to steer moving next.

With baseball hitting the break button at all levels, Team USA must manage the doubt until they can recommence training. When they do get back on the field, their effort will be to brand for the next qualifying event.

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