Olympic Freestyle BMX is a motocross waterfall on BMX bikes. This is an extreme sport from the practice of BMX. There are five disciplines the street, park, green, tracks and the dish. In June 2017 the International Olympic Committee announced that the event would be added to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games as an Olympic event. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic BMX Freestyle Tickets online.

The first photographic record of the BMX Freestyle shows Devin and Todd Bank in 1974 riding BMX bikes on an 8-foot high skateboard ramp built in their childhood home in West Los Angeles California. It was the birth of the BMX track.

Bank Devin has also been documented doing 360-degree free turns in the street and in the air by jumping curbs. Skateboarder Magazine then published photos of children cycling in empty domestic pools in 1975.

Olympic BMX Freestyle at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic BMX Freestyle at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

From 1980 to 1987 the popularity of the BMX freestyle peaked in 1987. During this period the sport has progressed with the release of new models components and bike accessories designed exclusively for freestyle.

For example, Haro publishes each year Haro FST Sport and Master with flamboyant graphics colors a new look and new frame designs. BMX Freestyle racers participate in several well-established disciplines. As in other forms of freestyle there are no specific rules style aesthetics skills and creativity are highlighted.

Practice disciplines of BMX Freestyle


In BMX park competitions riders execute a sequence of tricks on different obstacles contained within a park designed for BMX riders. Such obstacles include spines walls and box jumps et cetera. This is the Olympic discipline of BMX Freestyle.


Here the rider produces a series of tricks exclusively on flat ground, often balancing on one wheel. This artistic discipline can be related to breaking dancing.

Olympic BMX Freestyle at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic BMX Freestyle at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020


As its name indicates this takes place on the street. Riders use urban obstacles walls, ledges, banks and railings etc to carry out their tricks. The principle of the street is to explore searching for new terrain that can be ridden.


DIRT Riders perform the tricks on mounds of earth that are shaped to catch air. With several meters separating the takeoff and landing the jumps are extremely spectacular. Riders are judged on the successful execution of several tricks during the jumps coupled with their degree of difficulty.

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