Olympic Boxing: US Amateur Boxers Choosing Delayed Tokyo Olympic Over Pro Riches

Keyshawn Davis took several weeks to choose his path to boxing fame after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the top professional hopeful of the 2020 U.S. Olympic qualifying team suddenly faced almost a year without the amateur fight that counted. He could wait 16 months for his gold shooting in Tokyo, or he could accept one of the many lucrative offers to immediately start his professional career.

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When Davis began his deliberations, the 21-year-old lightweight leaned toward the pros. After talking to his family, coaches, and fellow fighters, he decided to keep his Olympic flame burning. So far, each member of the American team agrees. Even with an extra year to wait, Davis and his 12 teammates are still focused on Tokyo and the rewards of the Olympic experience.

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics could have caused upheavals for many teams from Western countries in an amateur sport that often loses its brightest talents to the pros, even in the normal 2020 Olympic cycles. But American head coach Billy Walsh has managed to keep his entire team together for 2021 by selling his boxers on the promise of a more promising professional future if they show some patience. The Irish coach who restored the fragility of the American program during his five years in office. Since I came here, we have rotated this around a piece.

We gave the guys the vision of first becoming an Olympic champion, like all the big guys did at the time, and use as a platform to launch your professional career. After decades of predation on professional gaming and uncountable scandals, amateur boxing is no longer the flagship Olympic event that catapulted Cassius Clay, Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya to the international sports superstar. The Olympic experience still turns heads in sport – and it remains an extremely precious commodity for boxing promoters, who pay higher prices for the fighters they can promote with “Olympian” continually affixed to them like a new first name.

Olympic Hospitality |Olympic 2020 Tickets | Olympic Tickets | Olympic Packages| Tokyo Olympic Tickets
Olympic Hospitality |Olympic 2020 Tickets | Olympic Tickets | Olympic Packages| Tokyo Olympic Tickets

You can go there now, and you’re going to have to fight around 20 fights to fight for a world title, “Walsh recently told his fighters. You are going to get an Olympic gold medal, or if you have these Olympic rings on your shoulder, this will give you quick contact to the world title fights. You are a name. You are known. You are an Olympian.

Davis also relied on the advice of Shakur Stevenson, the 2016 Olympic silver medalist who trained with Davis on the way to Rio de Janeiro. With his Olympic renown, Stevenson clinched a title in his 10th professional bout and won a world championship in his 13th bout last fall.

Stevenson highlighted the leap in competition when Davis moved from fighting amateur friends to seasoned professionals. Davis has the skill to win many fights but needs experience that the Olympic cycle can bring. Walsh and the American fighters realize that no major competition will probably take place before next year.

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So they are staying for the moment with virtual training distributed on an application by their strength and conditioning department. When the team can meet in Colorado Springs safely, Walsh will. Boxers are used to being in training camp and having a goal at the end,” said Walsh. When that goal is detached.

It leaves them open to all kinds of things and ideas, so we’re trying to give them that little bit of structure. When you reach a certain age, six months is not long. For a 20-year-old, it seems to be forever. Davis already has a broad perspective on the months to come. He stays alive in the gymnasium, but he also has plans that will benefit his ultimate goal of becoming an important and well-known pro fighter.

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