In a Handball match, Brazil scores their 34th goal of the evening and the home crowd bursts into rapture as they seal a wonderful victory. Olympic Handball fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Handball tickets online.

No, you did not just read an excerpt from a vivid Neymar reverie. The Brazilian national football side has failed to provide a single goal at the 2016 Olympics, managing a 0-0 draw in contradiction of Iraq on Sunday evening that provoked an alike chorus of boos from the home contingent as their first outing, another stalemate against South Africa.

Olympic Handball Is the Hidden Gem of the Olympics 2020

The Brazilian fans that saw the net ripple 34 times were in fact at the Future Arena in the Barra Olympic Park. They loved a game where handling on the edge of the area is positively fortified. They were viewing a competition that didn’t include a single athlete who has one eye on his very well-paid job in Europe.

On Sunday evening, I saw a keen home crowd will the Brazilian side to win against Poland in a match that ended 34-32. Yes, that’s 66 goals in a one-hour match.

There were unbelievable displays of athleticism, there were fights and there were exciting pieces of strategic play. Handball players often earn themselves a trip to the wickedness bin—at one point, the Polish goalkeeper was sent to the sidelines and he was not talented to be replaced, so the Brazilians had an open goal to aim at.

This caused in the Brazilian goalkeeper hurling the ball the entire length of the court to score—much to the delight of the assembled masses.

Olympic Handball Is the Hidden Gem of the Olympics 2020

For those unfamiliar with the sport, handball takes place on a 40-by-20-meter indoor court, where two teams of seven players aim to throw the ball into the opposition net. Aggressive players are not allowed within a six-meter radius of the goal and players must trickle while running. In a very basic decrease in its basics, it’s like water polo played on land.

The Sport has flourished in continental Europe, chiefly in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

If you reside in the UK or the U.S., you would be forgiven for being completely unfamiliar with handball. The United States has never come close to medaling in the discipline at the Olympics, having last participated at the 1996 Games, for which they qualified as hosts.

At the 2016 Olympic Games, it is the French who are poised for success in the men’s competition. They gained their opener in contradiction of Tunisia and stand in good stead to win their third consecutive Olympic gold. However, their next game is against Qatar, who has courted plenty of controversy for their approach to Olympic handball.

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