Tokyo’s property market has been thriving in current years previous to the 2020 Summer Olympic 2020, but Beijing, which will host the 2022 Winter Games, may go the conflicting path.

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While Japan has long-drawn-out fiscal outlay and approved out violent financial facilitation in an attempt to refresh flagging national request, the Chinese government has propelled a series of events to avoid the full of real estate bubbles at home.

As a prolonged trade dispute with the United States and persistent political unrest in Hong Kong have been distorting the outlook for the world’s second-top economy, overseas investors might too cut their holdings of Chinese properties.

In Tokyo, land prices had fallen since 2009, when the world economy, including Japan, feel pain from the result of the global monetary crisis activated by the collapse of U.S. cares firm Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. the previous year.

After the Japanese capital was awarded the Olympics 2013, prices have augmented for the 7th conservative year, the version to the Tokyo metropolitan government.

In 2019, the average price for land in all categories commercial, residential and industrial grew 4.1% from a year prior as of 1 July, after gaining 3.7% in 2018, the local establishments said.

An authorized at Japan’s Terrestrial, Substructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry said such a flow in property prices in Tokyo is not sparkle but a deal result in shiny real demand.

Analysts say real estate prices in Tokyo have scaled owing not just to a building rush earlier the quadrennial sports events but to ultra-low interest rates in Japan and building work in the capital in the wake of a surge in overseas visitors to the nation.

Hiroo Ichikawa, a professor emeritus of town planning at Meiji University in Tokyo, said in a report that land prices in the city would continue “on an upward trend” even after the end of the Olympics 2020.

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