There were indicators aplenty in 2019 for the next Tokyo Olympic city, but the longstanding concerns about Tokyo’s often awful heat again surfaced, bringing headaches for local organizers and governments. The hot summer in Tokyo, it became clear that athlete and viewer welfare issues related to the temperature in the Japanese capital were not going away.

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When the IOC observed runners dropping like flies, being agreed off the course and into a makeshift hospital due to the heat and moisture at the women’s marathon in Doha, it decided something had to be done to ensure the scenes were not repetitive in Tokyo Olympic. It is hard to claim a response was not required, given the winner, Kenya’s Ruth Chepngetich ran a time more than 15 minutes off her personal best and collapsed while talking to the media after the race.

“We had to move quickly and we didn’t want rumor, we did not want rumor and it was better to come out and say what our plan is,” the IOC’s Coordination Commission chief John Coates.

The past year also saw some loose ends tied up, most notably the decision to strip the International Boxing Association of its role in overseeing the Tokyo Olympic competition due to governance, finance and leadership issues. The boxing competition and schedule featuring five weight classes for women and eight for men were finally locked. The new National Stadium one of Tokyo Olympic’s first major PR calamities was also open ready to go after surmounting anxieties about a probable cost blowout led to a redesign of the games’ showpiece venue.

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“We have to show the world what Japan is capable of doing, and use the games as a chance to open doors to the country’s future,” said Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a service in mid-December to mark the conclusion of the gleaming, wooden-roofed behemoth in central Tokyo.

There are just 210 days to go until the Olympic 2020 Games kick-off at the National Ground with the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony, but Tokyo may have to weather. Japanese Olympic Committee chief Tsunekazu Takeda officially marched down from his place due to an inquiry into bribery claims linked to Tokyo’s sports bid.

The prosecuting attorneys in France are continuing to inspect the case in which they have suspects the Tokyo Olympic bid committee, of which Takeda was president, of paying a consultancy fee that was used as a bribe to win the Olympic 2020 Games.

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Olympic 2020 Tickets | Olympic Tickets | Olympic Hospitality Tickets | Tokyo Olympic Tickets

Takeda was the JOC’s longest-serving president and was due to be chosen for an 11th term when he reconciled, but now he and the organizing committee must wait to see whether French establishments will bring charges for the more than $2 million payment to a Singapore-based consultancy. Most venues are completed or nearing conclusion, with many already tested over. The most important hiccup came when an E. coli spike led to the termination of the Paralympic triathlon swimming leg of a test event in Tokyo Bay.

Organizers responsible heavy rain for the water quality issue, but the city got a more histrionic taste of the havoc weather can cause when Typhoon Hagibis landed on the Rugby World Cup a little over two months later. One Olympic test occasion was squeezed a BMX cycling struggle at Ariake Urban Sports Park was summarized into one day to beat the impending arrival of the typhoon, a type of eventuality that Olympic organizers will hope they can avoid.

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