The Hotel Okura has been a defining landmark of Tokyo since its opening in 1962. World leaders, royals and film stars have been hosted in this modernist masterpiece of Japanese hospitality. Among a worldwide outcry the beloved Hotel Okura was torn down in 2015 to make room for its replacement The Okura Tokyo. 

The new hotel will open on September 12th, just in time for the Olympic Summer Games in 2020. The intent to save the legacy of the original hotel can be found throughout the hotel. Olympic fans from all over the world are invited to book Olympic 2020 tickets from our online platforms for Olympic Tickets. Olympic Hospitality fans can book Olympic Hospitality from our ticketing marketplace exclusively on discounted prices.

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It remains to be seen, whether the new hotel can deliver on that aspiration. From the outside, The Okura Tokyo will look very different from its beloved predecessor. Two glass skyscrapers, with a total of 508 rooms, cover the spacious grounds in the center of Tokyo. The new entrance to the hotel complex, The Okura Square, features not only the second coming of 1917 established The Okura Museum of Art but also a large waterscape und lush vegetation that mirror the change of seasons.

The smaller of the two buildings, The Okura Heritage Wing, is a 75-meter, 17-story structure with views of gardens and lush green on three sides. The Wing is a top-end luxury hotel with a classically Japanese atmosphere. The spacious guest rooms have an overall width of eight meters, making them one of the largest standard hotel rooms in Tokyo.  

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All rooms come equipped with steam saunas and spa baths –relaxation should come fairly easy. The Yamazato Japanese restaurant will make its long-awaited return, as will the renowned Chosho-and tea ceremony room.

The larger Okura Prestige Tower rises 188-meters into the air and covers 41-stories. Guest rooms begin on the 28th floor thus offering sweeping vistas of Tokyo. Premium quality accommodation accented with refined Japanese aesthetics can be expected. The Tower offers fine dining options and one of the largest ballrooms of any hotel in the city. The atmospherically low-lit Orchid Bar, once a favorite of diplomats from the nearby American Embassy, has also been recreated.

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The Okura Tokyo starts taking reservations – but for the Summer Olympic Games, a Cary Grant fate awaits the eager travelers: All rooms are already booked.

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