Olympic Hospitality: Tokyo Hotel will take a gold award at International Olympic 2020

Continuing their delightful line in the cooking sphere, Tokyo Hotels’ newest opening in the Maldives, Heritance Aarah, transported house numerous victories from the respected International Olympic 2020 which involved four Gold, seven Silver, and two Bronze medals, project their win since the opening of the resort last year.

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Having lodged on the Olympic 2020 trip just months after their preceding win at the Culinary Food Expo in September 2019, the eight-member team from Heritance Aarah comprised General Manager of the Maldives Sector and Executive Chef Amila Silva, who were aided by Olympic 2020 Best Holder and nine-time Gold winner Chef Demuth Kumarasinghe, the Tokyo Hotels Associate Vice President for Food and Drink and Legate for Heritance Cuisine/Chefs & Cooking Art Development.

Greatness in art and the know-how of the team, together with hard work and commitment to driving novelty, laterally with the soul of Aitken Spence, showed to be the prize-winning rudiments for Heritance Aarah.

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Held in Stuttgart, Germany from 14-19 February 2020, the contests saw over 2,000 chefs from 59 countries craft over 7,000 lists of options then judged by an elite panel of global chefs. Olympic 2020, which is recognized as the eldest, main and greatest varied international painting contest in the world, is one of the shyest and stimulating struggles in the business. 

Upon reappearance to Bandaranaike Airport, the winning team was welcomed by the Management of Aitken Spence Hotels and then conserved to a cheerful lunch and ceremony, which was joined by Group Chairman Deshamanya D.H.S Jayawardena, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Parakrama Dissanayake and Chairperson Stasshani Jayawardena, as well as well-wishers from through the Aitken Spence shared.

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Heritance Aarah, which boasts 150 cabins and a best All-Comprehensive contribution through its six eateries and five bars, has fast made a name for itself as a hub for culinary fineness between its worldwide custom. Presenting a sole food ethos to the Maldives hospitality industry, Heritance Aarah culinary success is owed to its innovative method and humble food construction.

President of Aitken Spence Hotels Management, Stasshani Jayawardena, commended the team; “Heritance Aarah has positively followed in the footsteps of its sister possessions in Sri Lanka and made a title for himself in the cooking field. Through our distinct ID of matchless food culture from the Maldives as well as from around the world, our kitchen specialists have industrialized tastes and smells that are high-class and unanswered, reiterating our possible to curating properties dishes that take diners on a sensual trip,”

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She said. “The win imitates the up and coming talent that we are proud to call part of the family. We hope that they operate all existing resources to better their skillset and create unforgettable holiday experiences for our guests.”

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