Deciding on a location is the first step. The 2020 Olympic events are located in two main areas: the heritage area to the west, which is the area of ​​the 1964 Olympics, and the new Tokyo Olympic Bay area to the east. The heritage area has the most options in terms of restaurants, tours, shopping, and local culture.

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For a homeport near the stadium, stay in Shibuya or Akasaka. Other interesting areas to consider are Ginza and Tokyo Station, as they are sandwiched between the heritage area and the Tokyo Bay area. Both are excellent areas for food, shopping, and sightseeing.

There is less to do and see here, but if games are your main goal, this may be your best bet. Transport in Tokyo is excellent, so you can easily get to the main part of the city from here. Read on for some of our favorite accommodations in all of these areas.

In this well-designed hotel, the rooms are small, but there are common areas for socializing or doing some work. Its location in the heart of buzzing Shibuya means you can walk right into the action.

It is a superb choice for sightseeing and access to the Olympic 2020 stadium for field and track events. Although the rooms may be small, it is a budget hotel, the hostel compensates for details and extras, such as the hotel’s own onsen, traditional Japanese bath, and sauna. The location at Tokyo Station means you are in the best position to access both the Heritage and Tokyo Bay areas, as well as the rest of the city. It is a great place for foodies, with six restaurants in the hotel as well as a myriad of fantastic restaurants in and around Tokyo Station.

It has a traditional tatami room for lounging, plus a kitchen and dining area. There’s a distinctly local vibe to the neighborhood, with small restaurants and shops dotted along the street, and three metro stations within walking distance. You’ll also be near the sights and restaurants of Roppongi.

The elegant design is traditionally Japanese, with sliding doors and light wood, as well as Western-style beds for added comfort. Front desk staff is available to help you book a restaurant and plan your trip.

The hotel is close to the Olympic Village and close to sights such as the Olympic Gymnastics Center and the Odaiba Marine Park. The rooms are particularly spacious by Tokyo standards, and on-site facilities include a swimming pool, gym and a choice of restaurants.

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