Olympic Luge: So far, so good for native luge racer Sophie Kirkby for Tokyo Olympic

Sophie Kirkby first sprang on a luge 10 years before, and it’s been stable development ever since Tokyo Olympic.

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An era into her career, Kirkby, who lives in Ray Brook, said she’s had around great experiences traveling in Europe and she’s seen some success climbing up the good ladder, but she also understands there’s a long road ahead and it’s going to take hard work to get there. Asked if she’s happy with where she now stands in the sport, the 18-year-old just replied

“It’s been 10 years, and I started trustworthy winging it since day one,” said Kirkby, who contests in women’s singles. “I love traveling and the experiences that I get to have in the sport. I’ve learned about collaboration, and I’ve erudite a ration about living with others. There are also many ups and downs when you start getting modest.”

One of her shining moments came a little more than a month ago when she closed out the competitive season by capturing the women’s singles title in Lake Placid at the Norton Junior National Championships a four-run race at Mount Van Hoevenberg.

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It marked the first time the 18-year-old has claimed that title, and she still has one more season of racing at the junior level. On the junior World Cup circuit this period, which featured five races exclusively on tracks in Germany, Kirkby said taking the overall team silver medal was a big highlight.

One of her not-so-shining instants came this season in February in Oberhof, Germany at the FIL Junior World Championships when she crashed on her first of four scheduled runs. She ping-ponged off the walls in a straightaway section of the track, which led her to flip while entering the starting of the ensuing arch.

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