Present-day pentathlete Charles Fernandez, rising senior financial matters major in Liberty University’s online program who prepares locally with the Flames’ men’s swimming and jumping group, is trying to tie down an offer to the Olympic 2020  in Tokyo with a main five completion at the Pan Am Games in Peru. Olympic fans from all over the world are invited to book Olympic 2020 tickets from our online platform for Olympic Tickets. Olympic Modern Pentathlon fans can book Olympic Modern Pentathlon Tickets from our ticketing marketplace exclusively on discounted prices.

Fernandez was 18 when he turned into the most youthful pentathlete to strike gold at the Pan Am Games, fitting the bill to speak to Guatemala at the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, where he set fifteenth in general. He landed in Lima, Peru, on Sunday to get ready for Friday’s beginning of the five-day, five-sport rivalry.

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Fernandez must be one of the best two contenders from North, Central America, and the Caribbean at the Pan Am Games to secure his second Olympic compartment, with three different offers conceded to the main two finishers from South America and one everywhere qualifier.

Other than Liberty men’s swimming Head Coach Heath Grishaw, Fernandez has an unforeseen of 18 loved ones, for the most part from Guatemala, venturing out to Peru to support him.

Grishaw said Fernandez, who went through the previous two months venturing out to different big showdown occasions and preparing at a pentathlon camp in Poland drove by a mentor from Ireland, is in top condition for an excellent challenge.

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He is in awesome spirits and is extremely, satisfied with how his preparation has been going,” Grishaw said. After his last world qualifier (the International Belarus Open), both he and his mentor said he was truly clicking and terminating on all chambers. He’s on a generally excellent pace at this moment and we are truly anticipating what will unfurl in Peru.

Friday’s fencing preliminaries will be trailed by equestrian, running, swimming, and shooting starters with by and large decorations granted on Tuesday, July 30. Watchers can pursue the activity on the Pan Am Games live stream site. Grishaw has worked remotely to help calibrate Fernandez’s structure for the 200-meter free-form swim.

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“My primary spotlight has been on procedure and race methodology and getting him more continuance and fit as a fiddle for the 200, Fernandez said. He’s adapted for the entirety of his occasions since he has prepared well and hard in Poland this whole summer.”

While his exercises have been debilitating, Fernandez has kept them in context regarding his long-ago objectives.

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