Lithuania’s Laura Asadauskaitė has eligible for the Olympic 2020 Games after winning the women’s singles gold medal at the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) World Cup Final in Japan’s capital Tokyo. Olympic admirers from all over the world are invited to book Olympic 2020 tickets from our online platforms for Olympic Tickets. Olympics Modern Pentathlon admirers can book Olympic Modern Pentathlon Tickets from our ticketing marketplace exclusively on discounted prices.

Asadauskaitė, who beaten the support at the London 2012 Olympics, won with 1,394 points at AGF Field, inside the Tokyo Stadium complex in Musashino Forestry. France’s Élodie Clouvel ended 2nd with 1,383 points, while Germany’s Annika Schley was 3rd on 1,366.

Asadauskaitė links African champions on the grade for afterward year’s Olympics later Egyptians Haydy Morsy and Sherif Nazir developed the 1st pentathletes to be eligible former this year.

Asadauskaitė believed “Today is much pleased day. I had much decent fence, a decent ride and swim and also a good laser run. I’m very happy because I have the requirement for the Olympic 2020 Games. See you afterward year when I will originate back here l similar to this city very much. I consider I am prepared for the Olympic 2020 Games. Nowadays I am prepared. “

Clavel supposed “It was very tough in the equine because my horse had a problematic and was not the top. But I used my experience and annoyed to emphasis. Élodie, go for that ticket to the Olympic 2020 Games and I strained to attention on that. She is much quick and decent with shooting, and she was the greatest today. I would be approximating to say that the association has been much decent and the multifaceted is remarkable, and I am self-confident about coming back to Tokyo for the Olympic 2020 Sports event.”

The happening twins as a test event for Olympic 2020. The winner of tomorrow’s men’s separate event will also get qualifications for Olympics 2020. More contestants will last to lock their seats at the interior finalists and the UIPM World Championships in the upcoming months.

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