Bill Sweeney of British Olympic Association wishes sides at Olympic 2020 Games. English FA fears losing dominion if an Olympic team is sent. Olympic Football fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Football Tickets online.

Afterward, the overall success in Rio British Olympic officials will have extra gone at persuasion the home nations to enter men’s and women’s football sides for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Olympic officials to have talked about British football at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

 Though the English FA was strong to enter a team in Rio, the other home nations would not agree. They dreaded it would weaken their dominion and refused to be pushed into the move, even though Fifa has given assurances it would not affect their status.

If the women’s team, who qualified because England’s final third at the World Cup in Canada, had taken up their place it would have deprived of the eventual Olympic silver medalists, Sweden, a slot.

“We are all badly dissatisfied that there isn’t a football side for Team GB, primarily the women’s because they are so robust, had a great period foremost up to this, but also on the men’s side as well,” said Bill Sweeney, the British Olympic Association’s chief executive.

 “And we’ll be having conferences when we get back to try and sort that out with the FA. If you look at the victory of women’s hockey here, to have had a similar sort of story in football would have been undeniably fantastic.”

UK Game chief executive Liz Nicholl supposed the FA had been in touch to learn some of the lessons of its Olympic victory and that it would be “fantastic” to have the women’s side, in particular, on board in Tokyo Olympic Games.

“The FA has been in touch, mainly in relation to women’s potential victory,” she said. “And I would say here, we could win more medals in Tokyo Olympic 2020 Games, actually we could win one more medal in Tokyo from a sport like a football, if we had the GB women’s football side here. I have no doubt they would have also won a medal here in Rio.”

New England manager Sam Allardyce has also sponsored the return of a British side to the Olympic 2020 Games, which occurred on a one-off basis for London 2012.

Olympic officials to have talked about British football at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

“When you see the pleasure on Justin Rose’s face when he won the gold medal in golf it shows what it all means,” he told the BBC. “It’s somewhat we may look at in the future and try to contest in.”

But any attempt by the BOA to reappearance to the subject is bound to be politically subtle and it may look to lead the discussions itself rather than through the English FA.

“I think the athletes would have precious the environment and would have loved to have had the chance to do at their best in a country like Brazil, which is so passionate about football,” said Sweeney.

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