Her name is difficult to overlook. Her honors, at age 13, are now worth recollecting. Brighton Zeuner is one of the early decoration top choices for skateboarding’s Olympic introduction in 2020. There will be two trains in Tokyo Park and road. Zeuner is a set up power in the previous.

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Olympic Park Skateboarding: Brighton Zeuner, One of Skateboarding Hottest Young Stars at Age 14

“I’m not going to be distraught in the event that I don’t win [the Olympics 2020],” Zeuner said in a telephone meet in front of contending at Dew Tour in Long Beach, Calif., on Sunday. “Being there as a rule is a gigantic achievement.” Zeuner, with 125,000 Instagram devotees and blonde hair gushing the extent that her kidneys, is advanced as a main event in light of current circumstances.

In 2016, she turned into the most youthful lady to contend at an X Games at 11. At that point she won the debut Vans Park Series world title. In 2017, she turned into the most youthful X Games champion. Credit her youth terrace. A huge vet slope was introduced behind the family pool, palm trees and a sign perusing “No bikes permitted.” Not just did Zeuner and more established sibling Jack sharpen their abilities there, yet people from the zone additionally made a trip for sessions and the infrequent refueling supper.

Olympic Park Skateboarding: Brighton Zeuner, One of Skateboarding Hottest Young Stars at Age 14

At the point when your neighborhood is Encinitas, Calif., local people incorporate skateboarding divine beings.

“The sort of the group that she keeps running with — Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill,” Dew Tour commentator Chris Cote said. “She keeps running with these work of art, incredible skaters. You see the interpretation that she has been absorbing this information from them.”

Bird of prey visited the Zeuner home a couple of times, including for the last session before she as of late moved. “I think he asked [to come] in light of the fact that he was recording,” Zeuner stated, “We resembled, obviously you can. I was fanning out.”

Olympic Park Skateboarding: Brighton Zeuner, One of Skateboarding Hottest Young Stars at Age 14

Zeuner says everything began occurring for her at age 8. At a little challenge in Arizona, she completed third out of four young ladies (the others all more established, “older siblings,” she said) and handled her first support, the Original Betty Skateboard Company. She later beat her sibling in a challenge, however Jack was at that point eliminating of rivalry and into shooting.

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