Rhythmic is an Olympic game in which individuals or groups use one or two pieces of apparatus, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and freehand apparatus. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Rhythmic Tickets online.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a game that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and handling apparatus. The winner is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges, for leaps, scales, pirouettes, apparatus handling, and performance.

Olympic Rhythmic at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic Rhythmic at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

The sport is administrated by the Federation International de Gymnastique (FIG), which designs the Code of Points and regulates all aspects of the international best competition. 

There is no number of points in the world than in artistry, mastery, and execution. Olympic rhythmic gymnastics is only for female participants in Japan wherever men are allowed to participate in the women’s competition.

Rhythmic Gymnasts start at a very young age and become age-eligible to compete in the Olympic Games and other major international competitions. For example, a gymnast born December 31, 2000 would be eligible for the 2016 Olympics.

Rhythmic gymnastics initiated in the 1940s in the Soviet Union. The FIG recognized this discipline in 1961 first as modern gymnastics, then as gymnastics, and finally as rhythmic gymnastics.

Olympic Rhythmic at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

The first World Championships for separate rhythmic gymnasts was held in 1963. Groups were announced at the same level in 1967 in Denmark. Rhythmic gymnastics was added to the Summer Olympics in 1984, with individual all-around competition.

But, many federations from the Eastern European countries forced to boycott by the Soviet Union. Canadian Lori Fung was the first rhythmic gymnast to get an Olympic gold medal. 

Best rhythmic gymnasts have many abilities balance, flexibility, coordination and strength is some of the most important.

They also must have psychological qualities such as the ability to compete under intense pressure in which one mistake can cost them the title and the discipline and work well to rehearsal the same skills over and over again.

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