Cycling has opposed at every Summer Olympic Games since the birth of the modern Olympic movement at the 1896 Summer Olympics, where a road race and five track events were held. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Road Cycling tickets online.

Olympic Road Cycling at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic Road Cycling at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

Women’s cycling did not enter the Olympic program until the Summer Race at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Women have competed in track events as well as since 1988. The ways for the men’s and women’s road race were revealed in August 2018. Races will start in Musashino-no-mori Park in Chofu western Tokyo with the finish at the Fuji Speedway circuit in the Shizuoka prefecture.

The men’s road race will be 234 kilometers with a total elevation of 4865. The women’s race will cover 137 km with a total elevation of 2692 meters. Mountain bike racing entered the Olympic program at the Atlanta Olympic, followed by BMX racing in 2008. Prior to the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, all events were speed races, but the 2020 program will feature BMX freestyle for the first time.

In The Summer Olympics 2012 were the first at which men and women contested in the same number of events in all cycling disciplines including track cycling, which previously had more men’s and fewer women’s events than the 2012 program. 

Olympic Road Cycling at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

However, women have shorter distances for some events. For the road cycling the start and finish were originally planned at the Imperial Palace Garden. Later it was announced that the finishes would be at the Fuji International Speedway with the starts of the road races at the Musashinonmori Park.  

Japan is the host country, receives 1 certain quota place per gender in the BMX Racing, BMX Freestyle, and mountain bike events and 2 quota places per gender in the road race events and no certain places in road time trial or any track events. Most of the requirement is done through UCI ranking lists, with some game owed through world championship events or continental qualification events.

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