The host nation Japan has been guaranteed twelve quota places with one in each of the individual trials. The four quota places will be given to the shooters challenging in each of the mixed team events (rifle, pistol, and trap), while the highest-ranked shooter, who has not capable yet or whose NOC does not have a berth in any of the twelve individual events, will obtain a direct Tokyo  Olympic quota place through the World Rankings.

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The lasting twenty-four quota places are available to the eligible NOCs under the Tripartite Commission Request, with two in each of the individual events, to attain a maximum number of 360. The shooting member A12 Indian dependent will for a total of eight Tokyo Olympic quota places when it opens its campaign at the ISSF Shotgun World Cup to be seized in Acapulco, Mexico from March.

A total of five trials are scheduled at this year’s first Shotgun World Cup, beginning with the qualification rounds of the women’s Trap occasion. The Indian depending on former world champion Manavjit Singh Sandhu in the men’s Trap and present finals world record holder in the men’s Skeet Angad Vir Singh Bajwa.

India won a total of three Tokyo Olympic quotas in shooting so far, among the top five quota winning countries in the world. All of them have been in the Rifle and Pistol disciplines. Besides 12 contestants across five medal events, Zoravar Singh Sandhu will also contest in the grouping in the men’s Trap.

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A total of 351 athletes from 61 nations will be seen in action in the competition. Quota places can be got at the 2018 ISSF World Championships, the 2019 ISSF World Cup series, and the designated Continental Championships or Tournaments during the qualifying time.

The quota places are assigned only to the National Olympic 2020 Games Committees, with the allowance of the ISSF world rankings, which are awarded directly to the individual shooters and may not be changed by the NOC. The NOC may allocate a different shooter in each individual or a mixed team event, provided that he or she has achieved a minimum qualification score.

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