It has been well over a year since the practice of skateboarding was officially allowed to enter the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Most of the peculiarities surrounding the inclusion of skateboarding are still surrounded by great uncertainty.

We do not know who’s really going, the qualification process has not been formalized yet, the structure of the “teams” is totally unknown and the nations that have really committed to sending a team are rare. Sports fanatics from all over the world can buy Olympic Street Skateboarding Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

1. Park & Street

If you’re wondering what disciplines will be represented in Tokyo 2020, do not ask yourself. The Olympic competition will be divided into two separate competitions. One will cover street skateboarding – think of Street League courses rails, hubbas, ledges, stairs.

For competition in the parks, a course combining a domed bowl and various complex curves will be used. For street racing a street type course with stairs, curbs, slopes, and rails will be used.

Olympic Summer Game 2020
Olympic Skateboarding Summer Game 2020

2. Rollerbladers are IN Charge

In the same way that snowboarding is strangely governed by skiers, skateboarding will be governed, at least in part, by the Federation International of Roller Sports (FIRS). Fortunately for the skaters the International Skateboard Federation has been able to reach an agreement with the Olympics to co-govern the sport alongside our rollerblading cousins, forming the Tokyo 2020 Skateboard Commission, despite the efforts of the FIRS to take full control.

According to the website of the Skateboard Commission “The Commission is responsible for all aspects of the production of the Skateboard Street and Park Ground events of the Games.” The three-member international committee that forms the Tokyo 2020 Skateboard Committee includes Gary Ream, President of the ISF, Simone Masserini, Executive Director, FIRS, Neal Hendrix, professional skater and athlete representative of ISF.”

Olympic Skateboarding Summer Game 2020
Olympic Skateboarding Summer Game 2020

3. Everyone Will Wear Nike

This one almost sounds untrue, but it’s absolutely confirmed at least for US athletes. Part of the US Olympic Commission’s massive deal with Nike stipulates that all athletes must be dressed head-to-toe in Nike apparel and footwear during all official Olympic engagements. This includes press conferences, interviews, official appearances, and medal ceremonies. However it doesn’t extend to appearances in the actual competition as far as we understand. 

Olympic skateboarding 2020

4. Sponsors Will Be Silent

Fortunately, Neal Hendrix will be the Athlete Representative for the Games, although it is unclear if Gary Ream has ever set foot on a skateboard.

We mentioned the strict sponsorship agreement between the United Kingdom and Adidas, and we will now develop further. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the British Olympic Commission has set a number of sponsorship rules that athletes must sign in order to participate. The rules prohibit sponsors who are not associated with the BOA to congratulate the athletes or even wish them good luck on a public forum during the Olympic Games.

Olympic skateboarding 2020
Olympic skateboarding 2020

5. Australia prepares the game

While some nations, namely the United States, seem to have made little progress in their Olympic skateboarding program, Australia has sprung up. The AOC became the first Olympic commission to publicly support a skater when it awarded Shane O’Neill a $ 20,000 incentive award almost immediately after the confirmation of the sport for Tokyo 2020.

A number of Australian riders and industry agents also participate in the Australian campaign for the Games, including Renton Millar, Russell Grundy, and Chris Middlebrook, further legitimizing Australia’s Tokyo 2020 approach.

6. The Olympic Course will be open to public

Skateboarding will take place at Tokyo’s Aomi urban sports site, where street and park routes will be specially built for the Olympic Games. Surprisingly, the IOC confirmed that skateparks would be open to the general public during the Olympic Games, even the day they would be used for the competition.

“There will be competitions and then, say in the afternoon, people will be able to access and try for themselves. As you can see, they are all sports for young people. In terms of our vision and Tokyo 2020’s vision of publicizing these sports, I think this is a good location, “said John Coates, IOC leader, Japan Times.

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