Olympic Skeleton: Hemp field oldest Lukas Kissell vaults into the new game Skeleton

Lukas Kissell was serving Hempfield win a WPIAL Class AAA team track name a year before and if things were normal today, the older would be annoying to help the Spartans win another heading.

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Kissell said “I was seeing next to the outdoor period. I had a good indoor period, and I feel I was going to have a noble outdoor season. We had a great group (of 23 guys) last year, and it was great thrashing those better teams from other teams. We only talked about it the other day. It’s unacceptable we can’t contest.”

Kissell would have been part of one of the finest pole vault groups in the WPIAL along with Rylan Kauffman and Tanner Barnhart. Kissell said when the championship came down to the pole arch last May, he knew the trio could pull it off.

Kissell said “We were super nervous. As long as we didn’t screw up, we would do it. Lukas was progressing Hempfield pole vault coach Melissa White said. We were looking forward to the season. He was going to do multiple events. I love the Olympics, and I got engrossed in the skeleton in 2014. I knew it was something I wanted to stab”

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Kissell’s indoor season was intermittent because he was training for another sport he loves: the skeleton, a winter sliding sport in which a person rides a little sled, known as a skeleton bobsled, down a frozen track while lying face down and headfirst. The other sliding Tokyo Olympic sports are the two- and four-man bobsled and the luge, in which the rider lays on a sled on his back feetfirst.

“I first noticed the sport while watching the 2010 Olympic in Vancouver,” Kissell said. “I observed (the late) Steven Holcomb and his team win the gold medal in the four-man bobsled.

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