Tokyo 2020 as we celebrate 2 years to Tokyo 2020 three up and coming Aussie athletes have celebrated in the idea they might get their first shot at Olympic glory in two years’ time along with the honor of being the first Australians to compete in their chosen disciplines at an Olympic Games. Fans from all over the world who want to watch the live-action of Olympic Sport Climbing can buy Olympic Sport Climbing Tickets online.

Skateboarder Amar Hadid along with sport climbers Ben Abel and Angie Scarth-Johnson hope to first appear on the Olympic stage in their debuting sports at Tokyo 2020.

Olympic Sport Climbing and Skateboard hopefuls have Olympic 2020 fever
Olympic Sport Climbing 2020

The announcement of skateboarding on the Olympic programmer may have come as a surprise to many back in 2016 but not for 19-year-old Hadid.

 “I knew that skateboarding was a professional sport that deserved to be in the Olympics so it was only a matter of time before we saw it added to the list of Olympic sports.”

The statement of skateboarding debuting at Tokyo 2020 has also provided educational opportunities for Hadid who landed the first Australian Elite Athlete Scholarship in skateboarding through the University of Sydney.

“Having skateboarding as an Olympic sport gives athletes like me a pathway to pursue our passion professionally and be recognized for the hard work we put in the same way athletes from other sports do.”

19-year-old Ben Abel has battled through a multitude of injuries since he started sport climbing seven years ago. He won the national Youth a title in 2016 with a broken back and has had various finger shoulder and ankle injuries along the way.

Olympic Sport Climbing 2020

 Abel said. “Climbing is something I love because it challenges me physically and mentally. I look at each climb like a problem or a puzzle that needs to be solved and am always amazed at the mechanics of the human body and what our bodies can actually do.”

At just 14 years-old Angie Scarth-Johnson holds the world record for being the youngest climber to complete a grade 31 difficulty climb. Now the young record holder is struggling for a place at Tokyo 2020.

“When I first started climbing as a seven-year-old not many people were involved and the sport was very small but now there are so many climbing gyms opening up in Sydney it is great to see it becoming more mainstream.”

If she qualifies Scarth Johnson will be one of the youngest Olympians at Tokyo so her training regime in preparation for the Games will differ to that of older climbers.

With two years to go, there are 731 days these determined young athletes have to work towards making their Olympic dreams a reality.

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