Olympic Sport climbing is a type of rock climbing that depends on permanent anchors fixed to the rock for safety in which a rope that is attached to the climber is clipped into the anchors to arrest a fall. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Sport Climbing Tickets online.

This is difference to traditional climbing where climbers must place changeable protection as they climb. Olympic Sport climbing emphasizes strength, endurance, gymnastic skill and technique.

Olympic sport climbing at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic sport climbing at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

With increased availability to climbing gyms and walls more climbers now enter the sport through indoor and outdoor climbing. The change from indoor climbing to sport climbing is not hard because the methods and equipment used for indoor climbing are nearly sufficient for sport climbing.

Speed climbing pits two climbers against each other both climbing a fixed route on a 15 meter wall in bouldering climber scale a number of fixed routes on a 4m wall in a specified time.

Equipment used in sport climbing includes dynamic rope, Quickdraws, belay device, climbing shoes and chalk bag.

Olympic Sport climbs are allocated subjective ratings to indicate struggle. The type of rating depends on the geographical location of the route since different countries and climbing communities use different rating systems.

Future setup for Olympic sport climbing will require members to compete in all 3 disciplines bouldering, speed climbing and lead a method that has been criticized by potential competitors and fans of the sport. 

Olympic sport climbing at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020
Olympic sport climbing at Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020

But, the format has been accepted by the International Federation of Sports Climbing, who has already celebrated worldwide competitions with the Olympic format in 2018.

In 2015, September sport climbing was included in a shortlist along with Surfing, skateboarding, softball, baseball and karate to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics summer. 

In June 2016, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that they would support the proposal to include all of the shortlisted sports in the 2020 Games. Finally on August, 2016 all 5 sports counting baseball and softball together as one sport were accepted for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic summer games.

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