Interest in Sport Climbing is set to rise to unparalleled levels in Australia after the sport edged closer to making its Olympic debut in 2020. The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee selected the sport as one of 6 new events that are proposed to make their Olympic debut in just less than five years’ time. Fans who want to watch live action of Olympic Sport Climbing can get Olympic Sport Climbing Tickets online.

Sport Climbing along with baseball, softball, surfing, karate and skateboarding will be presented to the IOC who will make a final decision at the 129th IOC Session in Rio in August 2016. Contribution levels in Olympic Sport Climbing in Australia have been increasing rapidly in recent years with competitive athletes tripling since 2008.

Olympic Sport Climbing towards Olympic 2020 Glory
Olympic Sport Climbing Summer Games 2020

 “The Sport Climbing community around the world has been working hard towards achieving this goal so as you can imagine it will be welcomed in many countries.”

Approximately 300,000 Aussies participate in climbing in a climbing gym and if the sport was to be included in the Tokyo 2020 Games these numbers would be certain to soar even higher.

“The Olympic Games offer Sport Climbing a great opportunity to share our sport with those outside our community and to inspire the next generation of climbers. One thing is certain people are going to really like what they see in Tokyo.”

Australian Open and Junior Lead Champion Campbell Harrison and 5 times World Youth Championship competitor Roxy Perry would be in their climbing prime when the Summer Games 2020 come around.

“It would be a dream to be able to compete at an Olympic Games” said Harrison.

Olympic Sport Climbing towards Olympic 2020 Glory
Olympic Sport Climbing Summer Games 2020

“When I first started I never thought it could become an Olympic sport but after going overseas and seeing just how big it is I definitely realized the sport has what it takes. It would definitely be a target of mine to train hard and eventually represent Australia at the Tokyo 2020 Games.”

The 18-year-old from Victoria has competed at three Junior World Championships and will be hoping to step up to more senior international competitions in 2016. I’ve competed at one senior World Cup event before but next year I will be targeting a lot more.

“There are quite a few midways through 2016 before the World Championships in Paris which I am hoping to qualify for.”

Harrison and many other Aussie stars of the sport will be in action at the Australian Boulder Climbing Championships in Victoria in the coming weeks.

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