Olympic Swimming: Fukuoka-hosted swimming world championships see for new dates after Tokyo Olympic

After new dates were declared for the Tokyo Olympic, swimming’s leading form is going vertebral to the drawing board to number out when to hold its next world championships.

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The semiannual event was arranged for Fukuoka from July 16-Aug. 1, 2021. But on Monday, the Tokyo Olympic were strapped back a full year and moved to the same period July 23-Aug. 8, 2021. That likely plant’s FINA, swimming’s governing body, with two options for its main event: A move to the finish of September and the starting of October 2021; or May-June 2022.

For a full year would be compound owing to the already full schedule of events in July and August 2022, which contains the Nation Games, European swimming and water polo championships, and the Pan Pacific swimming championships; plus the Asian Games in September.

“I essential to look the info from Fukuoka, from the partners, from television, from everyone. And then we can have a deduction,” FINA executive director Cornel told The Associated Press on Tuesday. For that reason, I don’t want to have any view, because it doesn’t reflect the realism”.

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While was adamant last week in contradiction of a move to 2022, that now appears like an option. Land worlds before the games are unwanted because it would battle with national Tokyo Olympic ranges around the world.

Marculescu said FINA possibly wants another two weeks” before making its choice. Both options FINA is seeing have disadvantages. Land the worlds which in addition to swimming also includes diving, water polo, artistic swimming, open-water swimming, and the non-Olympic sport of high diving two months after the Tokyo Olympic would mean risking that some best athletes might not come.

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