To verify a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Hatice Kübra Ilgün, who was positioned second on the planet in 2017, has focused on winning gold at the big showdown in the U.K. Hatice Kübra Ilgün took up taekwondo at an early age and she is currently a rising star of the games for Turkey, with different national and worldwide awards.

The 25-year-old won a silver award in the 2017 big showdown and is at present preparing for the big showdown, which will be held in Manchester, England in May. Sports enthusiasts from around the world can purchaseOlympic Taekwondo Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

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The competitor, who additionally is likewise contemplating to be an exercise center instructor in the northwestern city of Bursa, made a decent start to the year with two gold decorations and one bronze award in three rivalries she took an interest in.

 The first was Antalya President’s Cup in the eponymous southern Turkish city that brought Ilgün 20 capability focuses for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, placing her in the third spot in Olympic standings among Turkish players. She pursued this with another gold award in the U.S. Open on March 3, bringing her another 20. Minor wounds, notwithstanding, negatively affected her presentation and Ilgün just won a bronze decoration in the Netherlands Open prior this month.

Olympic Taekwondo: Rising star of taekwondo takes on the next challenge

The competition in Manchester is indispensable for Ilgün in her way to the up and coming Olympics. I need to win gold there, for my nation, for the place where I grew up Bursa. Gold will allow me a spot in the Olympics 2020 and I intend to grab another gold there as well, she revealed to Anadolu Agency. She says the three competitions she contended in prepared her well for the big showdown and to perceive how she passages.

“I have slight wounds yet I am experiencing treatment and proceed with my preparation simultaneously. I will begin increasingly extraordinary preparing now, Ilgün said each point includes in her battle for the Olympics. It’s anything but a simple battle for the player who contends in the ladies’ 57-kilo class, the most troublesome.”

Olympic Taekwondo: Rising star of taekwondo takes on the next challenge

“I am battling against title holders and Olympians, the best of opponents and I am in third spot in the Olympics standings now [with 341.93 points]. I need to rise further. My hardest opponent is a previous Olympic competitor and we are no holds barred. I am certain I can overcome her in the Olympics,”.

Right now, Jade Jones of England is commanding the Olympic remaining in Ilgün’s classification with 518.32 focuses. She is trailed by South Korea’s Ah-Reum Lee with 420.62 focuses. The Turkish player is brimming with certainty, saying she will keep her standing. The first six players in quite a while will naturally fit the bill for the Olympics.

Olympic Taekwondo: Rising star of taekwondo takes on the next challenge

 In any case, she wouldn’t like to take a risk and will battle in four Grand Prix rivalries after the big showdown in Manchester for more focuses. Taekwondo is among the most mainstream hand to hand fighting in Turkey, with the third-most elevated number of expert enlisted competitors in a games branch at around 400,000 individuals.

 Turkish competitors stood out as truly newsworthy in the previous decade with various achievements in global competitions, frequently commanding European challenges. In the Olympics, Turkey won gold with Servet Tazegül in London in 2012 and silver with Nur Tatar Askari. Askari was additionally the main Turkish player to win decorations in two continuous Olympics after she won a bronze in Rio in 2016.

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