Tennis is a racket sport that can compete on an individual basis against a single opponent or between two groups of two players each in doubles. Each player uses a tennis racket tied with a rope to hit a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over or around a net and in the opponent’s court.


Since the 1890s, rules of modern tennis have changed little. Tennis is played by millions of recreational players and is also a popular spectator sport around the world. Sports fans from all over the world can purchase Olympic Tennis Tickets online to take advantage of its stunning performance.

Tennis was part of the Summer Olympic Games program of the 1896 Summer Olympics. But was dropped after the 1924 Summer Olympics due to disputes between the International Federation of Lawn Tennis and the International Committee. Olympic Games on the definition of amateur players.

In 1896, 1900, 1904, 1988 and 1992, the semifinal losers shared bronze medals, In all other years, a bronze medal game was organized.

A player who wins an Olympic gold medal and the four Grand Slam tournaments of the same year would have won a Golden Slam. As of 2016, Steffi Graf is the only player to have accomplished this achievement.

The playing surface of the field varies according to the Olympic Games. It has been on all courts since 1984, with the exception of the 1992 Olympic Games which was on a clay court and the 2012 Olympic Games which took place on turf. The changing playing surface offers some players different advantages and disadvantages from those of most Olympic sports.

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