Olympic trampoline champion Rosannagh MacLennan is grounded with a broken ankle. The 30-year-old from King City, Ont., took time to come to grips with her injury before going public with it. 2012 and 2016 two times Olympic gold winner, MacLennan posted a photo of herself in a cast on social media.  Olympic Fans from all over the world can book Olympic Trampoline Tickets online from our most trusted online ticketing market platform.

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Olympic trampoline champ Rosie MacLennan have time to recover ankle injury for Tokyo Olympic 2020

She notified to The Canadian Press she landed awkwardly on the side of the trampoline competing at a World Cup in Minsk, Belarus on April 21. Ranked fourth after the first of her two routines, MacLennan says she made a mistake to start her second routine as she bounced to gain height.

MacLennan said: “Honestly, I picked a bad bounce to go on, Rather than being patient and waiting for another one I decided to go, and right from the start was kind of scrambling, traveling all over the trampoline and substituting skills. The next thing I knew I was on the side frame instead of the trampoline. The balls of my feet were on the frame and my heels were on the springs and my feet flexed back pretty aggressively.”

When she tried to walk, MacLennan couldn’t put weight on her left ankle. She underwent X-Rays in Belarus and again upon her return to Canada. She’d sustained a small fracture in her fibula, but a more serious one in her talus bone. The silver lining for MacLennan is the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are over 14 months away, which gives her time to recover and return to form.

But for MacLennan 2019 is an important year in terms of qualifying a quota spot for Canada in women’s trampoline in Tokyo. So she wants to compete at the next World Cups in Russia and Spain in September and October respectively, as well as the world championship Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 in Tokyo.

MacLennan said: “It’s definitely a hiccup in the path or a bump in the path, but I’ve faced worse in that path,”

In the months leading up to the 2016 Games in Rio, MacLennan dealt with concussion-like symptoms stemming from neck injuries. She dialed back the difficulty of her Olympic routines and still defended the gold she’d won in London.MacLennan wanted to know the extent of her ankle injury and the prognosis before speaking about it publicly.

she explained: “It’s OK to feel emotional, but you want to make sure you’re not panicking when you don’t know what’s going to happen, definitely more comfortable now knowing all the information and having a plan in place.”

MacLennan also didn’t want talk of her injury to take attention away from the Elite Canada trampoline event in Calgary this past weekend. MacLennan would have competed there if not injured.

she said: “In the past, my injuries have been predominantly concussion-related or neck-related and it’s not that, so I was actually really grateful it was my ankle and not my head,”

Olympic 2020 Tickets
Olympic trampoline champ Rosie MacLennan have time to recover ankle injury for Tokyo Olympic 2020

MacLennan will be in an air cast for 6 to 8 weeks, but she’s planned hard workouts to accelerate her return to the trampoline. According to her: “The main objective is to stay strong, stay fit and stay mentally in it,”

She’ll do core and shoulder workouts as well as swimming and one-legged drills on an assault bike. MacLennan says she can maintain her flips and spatial awareness hung from bungee cords.

MacLennan added: “I’m working with my sports psychologist preparing for some of the stresses I will undoubtedly face in the next few months; I know it’s not going to be a smooth path back, even when I get the cast-off. When I get back to the trampoline, I’ll probably face challenges with strength, range of motion and mobility in the ankle, which is a pretty critical joint for what I do. I think the more you can do ahead of time to prepare yourself for that, it makes it easier to have thoughts you can rely on to help navigate that.”

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