The date July 24th, 2019 had a huge significance for the game of weightlifting. This date denoted the call attention to one year out from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A ton has changed in weightlifting since competitors met down in Rio for the 2016 Summer Games. Fans from all over the world can buy Olympic Weightlifting Tickets online.

Numerous weightlifters are now mindful of the challenge and hostile to doping changes, Additionally, we needed to praise the way that just a single year stay until the world’s best weightlifters get together by and by with expectations of Olympic magnificence. The following are a portion of the significant changes weightlifting has seen in the course of the most recent two years

Olympic Weightlifting: One Year from Tokyo 2020, Here’s What’s Changed in Weightlifting

Hostile to Doping Changes

The Initial Push for Anti-Doping Changes

In regards to hostile to doping convention changes, an underlying huge push could be contended as beginning in June 2017. Right now, President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach expressed that they’d make sexual orientation correspondence at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and would decrease weightlifting’s all-out competitor tally to 196, contrasted with 260 at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“All must stay consistent with the Olympic sanction and the world enemy of doping code. We have a solid sign of weightlifting by lessening the quantity for competitors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.”

A Big Announcement and Anti-Doping Protocol Changes

In September, the IWF made a significant declaration that they’d maintain the one-year bans that had been given to nine nations for against doping infringement (at least 3) during the re-examination procedure of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. These nine nations included: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Olympic Weightlifting: One Year from Tokyo 2020, Here’s What’s Changed in Weightlifting

At that point in mid-late November, the IWF declared that they’d work with the Clean Sport and Sports Program Commission and autonomous guides to plan new enemy of doping conventions and to refresh their present approaches. Likewise, as of now, the IWF Sport Program Commission proposed some significant changes to rivalry configuration and principles that could conceivably help the utmost odds of doping infringement.

Quick forward to late November and early December at the 2017 IWF World Championships, and the new enemy of doping conventions were in full impact. Right now, the IWF was trying out their new perfect game strategies and would have liked to modify the IOC’s trust in the game. At that point in January, the IWF discharged the counter doping outcomes from the 2017 IWF World Championships, and they saw an observable improvement with their new strategies/results.

Where Weightlifting Is at Now with the IOC

As of late, the IOC has given the IWF positive comments with respect to their spotless game movements and the bearing the game is going all in all, however, has left weightlifting on contingent status for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games. This news came after the IOC as of late surveyed the IWF’s report for their enemy of doping convention changes and results.

Olympic Weightlifting: One Year from Tokyo 2020, Here’s What’s Changed in Weightlifting

Weightlifting Competition Format Changes

New Olympic Qualification System

One of the significant changes that have been made for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics contrasted with past years is the manner by which competitors will fit the bill for the Games. In January 2018, the IWF declared the new Olympic Qualification System that will require singular competitors to contend multiple times during the 18-month capability period for Tokyo to meet all requirements for a spot to the Games.

Furthermore, the IWF reported that numerous nations would lose a portion of their potential maximal Olympic Games spots because of various enemy of doping infringement between the time of 2008-2020. Look at a portion of the new principles and nations affected beneath,

1 Olympic Spot Maximum = 20+ Anti-Doping Violations: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Belarus

4 Olympic Spots Maximum = 10-19 Anti-Doping Violations: Albania, Bulgaria, India, Iran, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan

4 Men/4 Women Spots Maximum = <10 Anti-Doping Violations

Olympic Weightlifting: One Year from Tokyo 2020, Here’s What’s Changed in Weightlifting

New Olympic Weight Classes

Possibly the greatest change to weightlifting in the course of the most recent two years was the declaration to change the majority of the people’s weight classes. These weight class changes had been in progress for a long while, and the IWF at long last made the official weight class changes declaration toward the beginning of July.

Shutting Remarks

As we progress towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, ideally we keep on observing the IOC’s help for the IWF and the game of weightlifting increment. And keeping in mind that weightlifting is still on restrictive status for the 2024 Paris Olympics, it shows up the game is moving the correct way with respect to meeting the IOC’s underlying worries for keeping up their spot at the Summer Olympic Games.

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