Jacques Rogge says that when he walked into the aquatics center for the first time today it took his breath away.  Aquatic fans can book their Olympic Aquatic Tickets at economical prices from our reliable online ticketing place.

Viewed from the outside the beautiful curved roof is spoiled by the huge temporary stands bolted on each side. But walking inside the Zaha Hadid designed building gives you a totally different perspective and there is no question that the £269m venue is impressive.

Olympics Aquatics Centre makes a squelch

Members of a synchronized swimming team form the shape of a number “1” to mark the one-year countdown to the start of London 2012 in the Aquatics Centre. Photo: Getty so it should be considering the budget for the center ballooned from the bid book estimate of £75m.

“I have been in a lot of venues,” he told me today, “but none like this.”

No one had a greater influence over the decision to make the aquatics center the one luxury item on London’s otherwise budget Olympic park than former Olympics and Culture secretary Tessa Jowell. I asked her today what she thought now it was complete: “Worth every penny,” was her response.

Olympics Aquatics Centre makes a squelch

London 2012 always planned to showcase the aquatics center with a year to go. But finishing it in time was extremely tight. The Olympic Delivery Authority was only handed the keys by contractors Balfour Beatty last Thursday.

Rogge said he was pleased with London’s planning so far. He refused to be drawn on whether it was the best-prepared Games ever but compared London to Sydney with 12 months to go. Lord Coe would have taken that back in Singapore six years ago.

Olympics Aquatics Centre makes a squelch

But he did flag up, once again, concerns over the capital’s creaking transport system. And while he and the IOC must be privately doing cartwheels, Coe clearly didn’t want to get carried away by today’s swimming pool hoop-la.

“There is still a year to go and the proof will be when the closing ceremony is over. But I am very happy and optimistic.”

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