Melanie Behringer Was Germany’s Star at RIO 2016, as her country finally ended its quest to win an Olympic Football gold medal. AND the first step for them is the FIFA world cup 2019 that starts today in France. Olympic Football followers from all over the world can buy Olympics Football Tickets online.

Melanie Behringer didn’t go to the Olympic Games Rio 2016 expecting to win a gold medal – and she certainly didn’t anticipate adding the golden boot as the tournament’s top scorer to her list of achievements.

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Retaining Women’s Olympic football gold will be tough in Tokyo

“I’m a defensive midfielder so I don’t normally score that many goals,” she said with a laugh. “It was a really big surprise, but a very nice one. I don’t know how it happened. If I did, I would do it every time.”

Behringer doesn’t believe that the side’s achievement makes them favorites for Tokyo 2020, however. The Germans didn’t even qualify for London 2012, and the process of qualifying for the next Games is also grueling, with many powerful European nations emerging.

“There has been some investment in our game but not as much in some other countries.  Behringer said. It will be difficult enough for Germany to qualify for Tokyo 2020 because all the other teams are getting so much better. It’s a big step and it should be a very interesting World Cup.”

“The English team was always athletic and fast but now they are much better on the ball. Their league is very strong, with teams like Arsenal and Chelsea putting lots of money into their sides. I think more good players are going to end up in England. Our game is changing a lot. The French team is also technically excellent. They have a very good chance on their own soil.”

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Retaining Women’s Olympic football gold will be tough in Tokyo

France 2019 and Tokyo 2020 will help to identify the best women’s team on the planet – and European outfits are now looking just as likely to win as the USA.

“For me, the Olympics are a better title to win but it’s not an easy question. I’m lucky to have both.”

She credits their success to genuine teamwork. “Our team spirit was our secret weapon because we didn’t play the best football, but our togetherness couldn’t be beaten,” said Behringer, 33.

The opponents were afraid because of our togetherness. We worked very hard on and off the pitch because we knew that this was our chance to be successful.

“We did everything we could to set up a win, and it was us players that really raised our own spirits. We had some good young players but also older ones who had that experience from other tournaments. It was a good combination.”

Germany’s route to glory wasn’t easy. They were very good, and so when we faced them again in the semi-finals, we knew we’d have to be at our best to go through. They’re a big, strong team, but we wanted it so badly, to get into that final.

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Retaining Women’s Olympic football gold will be tough in Tokyo

 “We had known this Swedish side for a long time and we’d always had great matches against them,” Behringer said. “We knew it would be tough, and it was very special. The Maracana was just amazing. It was the perfect atmosphere for a final. It is a very different experience going to the Olympic Games, and afterward, we were so happy.”

Behringer dismisses her goalscoring achievements – she was the tournament’s top scorer, with five goals – as unimportant the main thing was winning gold, but hopes their much-publicized win back home has helped to raise the profile of the game.

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